Friday, September 27, 2013

let's fly to the universe

Just a little hello. I'm not so much into fashion anymore.
Well, I do love fashion, and keep up with all the trends, but I have more important things to spend my money on and my photographer is  busy little bee herself about to move out on her own! If you like keeping up with me, you can always find my instagram from my blogs sidebar. I also have a tumblr, and a facebook page.

I have been devoting my time more to school, work, and cosplaying. I however, am going to give up cosplaying and conventions after next year until I reach my goal of moving to LA. Big dreams huh? I'm still wavering between two possible futures I could choose, and then those break down into four possible outcomes. :T I never was good at choose your own adventure stories. I'm only just beginning to grasp who I am but I have to choose soon a definite path so it's a bit scary. I know everyone goes through this type of phase though so I just have to trust in myself.

dress;, shoes;, belt; ebay, watch; urban outfitters

I never shared anything about AX or Fanime with you guys, but just know it was amazingly fun and I will cherish the memories I made this summer.