Thursday, September 23, 2010

Four hours

to do nothing:

Hey! Just popping in.
Nothing really new going on in my life. I wish though! I would really like to try and make a dress for myself a la Marisa Lynch style. She's the owner of the blog New Dress A Day and basically she has 365 dollars to make a new dress each day. She uses thrifted garments and modifies them to be more trendy. It's really fascinating! 
OF course I also have a list of outfits I need to take pictures of for my chic blog. The last two times I had a chance the person never took pictures of me... Ugh. I don't know. Not going to get into it now.

Fall is here now. Unfortunately most of my warm wear options are hooded sweaters and that isn't really cute. :|
I need more coats/plain sweaters. Unfortunately this means I need money which i can't afford to spend right now because I have to pay a ticket for running a red light. :<
I have the ballsiest luck right now holy fuck. At least I have a job and can afford it eventually! I'm actually being given a lot more hours at my work right now so that is great. I really want to work on Halloween, it'd be pretty legit if we could kinda dress up for it. I'd maybe wear my Taiga wig and make matching tiger ears for it. I hope I can see Drew around Halloween. That'd be fun.

I don't know what else to say so I'll stop there.


Monday, September 13, 2010

teenage queen

all hail:

I am madly in love with this ensemble. From the cotton candy stripes to her starry heels. I wish I had a quarter of the fashion prowess this gorgeous gal has. Anyone could've thrown this on and went obvious glam, but Katy just took it to a whole, funky new level and I like it.

I would totally marry her if I had the chance.

see ya later. <3

Tuesday, September 7, 2010



Sacanime was okay. I was Kanra on Friday, Listen!! Yui on Saturday and Hinata on Sunday.

Spent a while there on Friday and Sunday, not so much on Saturday. Only like, 2 hours on saturday. I was late getting there and missed our whole K-ON group shoot. :<

Most of the pictures on my camera were from Kanra so:

Shizuko, Jailbait and moi.

Errday I'm hustlin'.

I spent the night at Drews the whole weekend. It was nice to have an open space and bed to sleep in by myself.

FFFFF. I realized after our small K-On photoshoot I'd left on my necklace. I will be shooping it out of each picture.
Also Gagain'.

Mio just playin some Guitar/Bass.

Yeah so Drew filled in to play with his brothers soccer team that morning. Started late, finished late. And I still had to finish my shirt womp.
I got a wicked fuckin' sunburn. Here's a picture of some sweet ass tan lines from my sandals:


So I went home to go see Drew because he got a NEW HAIRCUT for the military.
How handsome.

There was supposed to be a Naruto gathering on Sunday but it kinda failed. A lot of peopel actually called out to me and asked for photos though! It was awesome. B]

Doin' the Ferrah Flip.

Best part of the day: 
Starbucks you so cool.

I ended up staying until monday morning to go to a party with Drew and his friends. It got pretty crazy. Anyways, Drew is leaving this Friday to go to U of 
Oregon. It's very sad and it will be tough, but we have decided to stay together and stick through with it. 


Thursday, September 2, 2010



Possibly one of the best things ever, ever. I love all the club music on there. I found a bunch of K-ON! remixes and that makes me very happy. Right now I am searching Paramore mashups. I already have a bunch of songs downloaded from there. it's all free however some songs don't have download links or have reached their limit. :<
Either way, it is amazing.

I'm prepping now for SacAnime this weekend. All I need is to finish my Kanra jacket and my Yui shirts. I have a lot fo other things I need to get too. :< All my pay checks have gone into these. After this I will probably only make one more costume for Fanime next year.

On a more somber note, my boyfriend Drew is leaving to go to the University of Oregon next week. To think this might be the last time I ever see him really hurts. But hopefully we will stay together and at elast we'll save money on gas from driving to see each other so often? I'm just kinda numb on the subject. I don't want him to leave me.