Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm feeling it, I'm feeling a change

wooo pictures finally.
I've always loved the bralettes and corsets as shirts styles, so here is my try at it! I don't think I should ever do this again though.
Today I had my acting class, and my teacher had us do YOGA poses. This shirt saved me much grief/embarrassment. Also yes this is the same shirt as my last set of pictures. It is sheer, but not too revealing, and airy but not too delicate. Perfection~

Also i cut my hair the day before yesterday in my bathroom. God was that a mistake on so many different levels. Apparently there's a tiny bald patch near my hairline, whoopsss. Oh well lesson learned!


I am a free woman

I finally just paid off my traffic ticket. I got it for speeding a few months back, and looking back at my actions back then, I was so dumb. Honestly, sometimes I feel like I should get my license taken from me because I am not a good enough driver yet. I don't even know how I passed my driving test the first time with like, 2 hours of driving practice? It was so stupid. I hated driving with my parents though. When I get older and have kids I'm going to propose that I teach my friends kid to drive and they take mine. I realize how awful it is learning with a parent, they are way too overbearing. My dad was overprotective and made me drive about 20 under the speed limit every day. My mom took me out one day and made me pull over in the middle of the road and was screaming at me because I was too close to the outside white line.  When I grow up, I'm never going to yell at me children. I have never been conditioned to be more terrified of anything more than yelling because of my family. I've told them how much it affects me too, but they continue to do it. I guess I deserve it though.

But so about a month ago I was going to see a guy I was dating. I was picking up my friend in a town a bit farther north because her boyfriend lived in the same town. I missed the exit to get to her, and I was already late. So I was speeding around trying to get to the exits and like, 100 feet from the exit, I got pulled over by a cop for speeding. I was actually very lucky, I was going around 82 and since I was honest and polite with him he dropped the charge to 75 in a 65 zone.

Speeding is so dumb honestly. I hardly go over 65 anymore (I got to 70 the other day passing some big rigs). Not only has my gas mileage increased about 4 gallons since staying under the speed limit, but I'm just not afraid of cops anymore because I'm not doing anything wrong. B) Fun fact: If you're bitching about cops giving you tickets to fill their 'quota', it's not true. Cops can give tickets or arrest as many or as little people as they want.

So yeah, 358 dollars later I am a free woman. I'm going to have to take driving school too. It's just not worth it, especially since I get to where I'm going at around the same time as I would going 75 or 80.  All right, gonna get ready for class now. have a good day everyone!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Giveaway winnerrrr

I just want to thank you all for entering my first giveaway! I know I haven't been able to post much but this has been a crazy couple of weeks for me. Plus with my new job I'm going to be even busier! I'll try to post as much as I can though. My blog has grown so much bigger since I started; I can only go up from here!

So without further ado, the contest winner is:


Congratulations dear! I will email you shortly to get your information.

Again, thank you all for entering! I will do another giveaway at either 100 followers or 10k views.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

I was programmed to be Catholic but I ran

 4 days left to enter my giveaway!

 I am trying to figure out how to use this stupid camera. I can't get any settings right, and when someone told me to mess with the iso, the pics turned out worse. I'm so sorry, I'm trying to work on it. These pictures I stupidly turned off vivid color and the pictures came out awful.

 I'm wearing an awesome pair of glasses from I will wear them again in the next outfit and try and get better pictures of them. I was nervous when I got them because I was always told that larger frames looked bad on me but I think they look perfect! They also fit really snug on my head, as opposed to the glasses I get at my local optometrist. I can't even wear my glasses at work because they always slip down! Unfortunately this pair is not prescription but I am excited for the next ones I get that will be!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I've been really busy!


Between getting ready for Fright Fest, going school, hanging out with my friends and work, I have been ridiculously busy and drained. My back hurts horribly and it hurts whenever someone tries to massage it. :'(

I went and saw the Lion King in 3D last night. It's such a great film, not just a great Disney film. I've actually been spending a lot of time out at night lately, like until 12 or 1 am. It's fun to be out so late.

I'm going to the Blink-182/MCR/Matt and Kim concert! ahhh I'm so so so excited. It's going to be an amazing concert, I know it.

I also bought some new music today!

I made a youtube playlist of them all for you if you'd like to hear:


Monday, September 12, 2011

Cattasticks first giveaway!

Hey guys! I got 5000 views on my blog!
I'm feeling pretty accomplished right now (especially since I just received my first pair of frames from too balliiinn') so here is a giveaway for my awesome friends and followers!

I want this to be based off some of my favorite products, so I will be shopping for you!

Prize pack includes:

1 Maybelline Colossal Volum express, waterproof
3 Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipsticks in whichever colors you'd like!

1 $10 dollar giftcard  to Jamba Juice, along with a customized smoothie recipe from yours truly.
(If you do not have Jamba Juice in you country, I can sub out the card for another company you'd like)

And whatever little trinkets I decide to add like drawings or little accessories I find. 
(I know this is more female oriented, so if a guy wins we can discuss different prizes if he so chooses.)

Sorry it's not much or something really fancy but I'm a bit poor at the moment.


International! Anyone can enter regardless of where they live. :)
To enter you must:
  1.  Be following my blog (either blogger or tumblr).
  2. Leave a comment with your name and email so I can contact you if you win.
Multiple entries:

In a separate comment, please note if you did any of these things. Please supply me with your name from on each site so I can make sure you actually did it!
  1.  Follow me on chictopia!
  2. Fan me on Lookbook!
  3. Tweet about my contest! Add @Necara so I see it. ;)
  4. Blog about my contest, and provide a link in your comment.

Any questions? Feel free to ask me. 
 Deadline to enter is September 26th, so you have two weeks!
The winner will be chosen at random.
Good luck!


Sunday, September 11, 2011


So as promised I am going to be holding a giveaway for my 5000th view!

However I'm still compiling a list of all the things to put in it. It will kind of depend on who wins, as well. But anyways, I will have a fancy schmancy post up about it tomorrow!

Is there anything you'd like to see in it? Doesn't guarantee I'll put it in the prize pool (I'm putting together a kind of gift basket for the prize), but I'd love to see some suggestions! I can think of a couple things I want to put in it already. ;)

Suggest away! Stay tuned for tomorrow!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

I wonder what if my name had changed into something more productive, like Roscoe

I don't have much to say today because I'm realllly tired but when I was doing my hair I had part of it clipped up, and when i took out the clip it was all standing up in a weird coif. Here is a silly picture of it:

ps. marry me ellie goulding


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oh, Mickey! When I hear you play that harmonica, my heart sings!

 One of my new friends in my acting class said I looked like Minnie Mouse today. This bow is actually for my Sawako cosplay, but I pinned it to my H&M blouse to give my outfit some color. The lipstick I'm wearing is MAC Satin Red A21. I felt very cute. :)


I'm in love with this song right now. Bon Iver has a very... real voice. It's hard to explain.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Fall Spirit

Woooo hope you are enjoying your Labor day today. I filled out some paperwork for a job at an amusement park I live near. I'm (if I get the job; fingers crossed) gonna be working for their October season as a performer for this event called 'Fright Fest' where they turn the park all spooky and Halloween-vibed. I'd be a zombie character roaming around and scaring people. :P

I'm so excited! If you remember, I was in a student film called Human Root and most of the people in that film were from Fright Fest so I would get to see them all again! I really hope I get the joooob. Plus, extra money wouldn't hurt right now haha.

Today I am wearing my mustard H&M sweater tucked into some dark blue skinny jeans and my favorite black booties. No good full body pictures today because my parents are home but here are some shitty webcam pictures!

Enjoy the rest of your holiday! <3


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bought some things at H&M


 Mustard Yellow Sweater; Polka Dot Top
 Black Dress Shirt; Green and Blue Sweater
 woooo leather!

Well, more like my Mom paid for them. I love the pieces! I finally got a mustardy yellow sweater, and a dress shirt. My favorite though is this leather skirt! I saw it online a few times and I fell in love with it. I fit into a size 6 as well! Makes me so happy I am losing weight.

I went to a friends house last night. I had a lot of fun! I wore my leather skirt, an old lace sweater, and my Vera Wang heels. I guess rolling around on the concrete did not fair well for my heels as they now have big scuffs and rips in the fabric. :C However my leather skirt came out unscathed! Thank god.

Right now I am really tight on money, but I'd like to buy some cocktail rings, long chained necklaces, a big cableknit sweater, and some lace up booties. :)


Friday, September 2, 2011

He’s not a boy that you can tame, I know you want to

Ugh the pictures against my wall turned out horrible. :/ And my shoes fell apart! The heels were made of foam I suppose and just fell apart right in the middle of taking pictures. :I  At least today is much, much better than yesterday.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

nothing feels right

 My friend Cat is leaving tomorrow for college. :( My dad has the good camera today so I used my own. Pictures aren't that great. I didn't feel like taking too many anyways. I felt really gross and awful in this outfit, and my hair looks so stupidfkndskgnemnokfmekognbjnjgnsjrghvsudhjgbin