Sunday, September 21, 2014

한때는 짜릿했었던 you and I

네게 맘을 쓰고 쓸수록 넌 쉬운 거니
너만 바라 보고 볼수록 넌 지루하니

The more I care about you, you think I’m easy
The more I look at you, you get bored

sunglasses: gojane / top, skirt: h&m / watch: urban outfitters / necklace: ebay / heels: macys / purse: friend

Monday, June 9, 2014

i'm latching on babe

Hello dearly beloved, abandoned blog.

Since my last post I:

  • Have graduated college with my Psychology degree
  • Got a new job (that was literally the worst lmao), quit the day before my birthday, and came back home to Jamba
  • Dyed my hair back to it's natural color
  • Finally won the heart of the guy I've adored for years
  •  Spent a lot of money on anime conventions
And I've never been happier with my life! Although, things aren't perfect, I can look back and realize that I've come wickedly far from where I was when I used to hate myself, and that's fantastic. 

Without further ado, fashion.

All photos taken by the bae, Priscilla Vesper

bodysuit; H&M, earrings and shorts; Forever 21, backpack and watch; Urban Outfitters, sunglasses; gift

I'll post up some pictures from Fanime later on, so,