Friday, November 30, 2012

Are you shoppin' anywhere? Change the color of your hair?

Are you busy?

My friend Priscilla took some photos of me really quick yesterday. Thank you Priscilla! View more of her work here: 
I bought these shoes on a whim in Berkeley because the shoes I were wearing at the time were starting to hurt my feet. I popped into a small shop called SwayChic after seeing these in the window. It's hard for me to wear heeled shoes after my knee injury so I kinda have to.... change my whole shoe collection. :'( I normally wouldn't have bought these but I love the subtle details in them like the cut out pattern on the side and the ropes poking through. They're comfy and wonderful and I'm so glad I bought them. I wear them all the time!

I'm still getting used to being blonde. I'll see my bangs in the corner of my eye and wonder why they look yellow.... Give me a few more weeks and I'll be fine. My hair isn't toning out though.... it's supposed to look platinum but it's still kinda yellow. I like it though! It's not very harsh.
 beanie, sweater from GAP/coat from Target/jeggings from Aeropostale/shoes from from ebay and H&M/necklace was a gift


Sunday, November 25, 2012 features

Today as I'm browsing I'm seeing tons of great looks! There are a lot I personally wouldn't wear, but the details of boldness of them just work so well and in a way kinda respectable. Plus the photo editing is also cool in a few. Here they are! Give them hypes if you like them too!

When I first saw this I was freaking out over how anyone would wear that in public (Bravo to those girls!)  but then I noticed the subtle nuances of each detail. The brown and black neutral palette, black trim straw hat, the cat face sheer tights, the lipstick, even her eyebrows look rad.

This is the sweetest devil I've ever seen. Her blush and just pose/facial expression claim of the most innocent beauty, but the spikes in their selves are delicate and elegant. The sugariness of the pink in the background and her skirt just kills me.

At first I wondered why I liked this picture so much but I realized how unique the background was. The crisp whiteness of the background and her pants worked surprisingly well, invoke a fresh feeling. The I noticed the wooden desk! Plus her smile is mesmerizing.

The crispness of the photo and the gold, detailed accents are what sold this intriguing outfit.

You know the photos when the titles make you like it more? Who doesn't love Legos? The close up shot is so powerful and confident looking to me, complimented by the bold red shirt of course. The symmetry of his body is pretty cool too.

It is my belief that everyone looks good in purple. This picture provides a striking example for why more people (including me) that we should include more purple tones into our wardrobes. I gave her my heart for today.

The vivid, geometric, and colorful print of the shirt draws you into the picture, then you notice the black and white cat face print sweater yet doesn't clash. The bright yet not blinding hue of green compliments both tops as well. Dark and cuffed at the ankles demin with shiny laced dress shoes. It's like everything I love put together seamlessly. Had I been able to give another heart for today, it would've gone to this one.

The crisp black silhouette with the pops of mustard and white makes a great color palette. Then I noticed the background had the same color palette! Her pose and smile are darling, and we all know I love circle scarves more than any other accessory.

What have been your favorite looks lately?


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Neon Gold

  Stare into my gigantic pores lol
I played with makeup today to see what could make my eyes stand out more. Ever since dying my hair blonde (jeez it's only been a week) I find it harder to accentuate my eyes.

oops cat's out of the bag I DYED MY HAIR BLONDE
 My favorite game is pretending I am as cool as Ellie Goulding

I love it and am toning it down to platinum. I can already see my brown hair growing through though! Gotta touch up dose roots.

What do you think?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mad stylin

Bored as all hell. I have a surprise for you all which should be showing up soon. I subconciously made a warm weather outfit that matches my (hopefully) future uni's colors.
Minnesota Dreamin'

Long sleeve shirt / Pleated skirt / Plush knee socks / Khombu shoes / Leaf jewelry / Amrita Singh / Topshop loop scarve / Forever 21 knit hat

I have been talking with Chloe of about MN and she has been so helpful and plain lovely to talk to. I'm saving up to check out the campus soon, very excited about that.

An older set I came up with but never posted about

cool cat

Fat Face , $72 / Leather pants / Cat shoes / ALDO knapsack bag / Wallis brown stone ring / LULU loop scarve / Beanie hat / ASOS

Cat themed featuring tights made by the lovely Breanne from I wish I could pull off the look of tights as pants!


Friday, November 9, 2012

Pacific Sunwear

Hi there! The Pacsun at my local mall is closing. :( This was my second time in there and the staff were so nice and lovely like before. I feel bad for them all having to find new work.

I bought a nice infinity scarf. It's a light material and very soft, but it's super warm and cozy! Great for the winter. I bought some cute bracelets with gold heart designs too, and some belts since my favorite belt broke!

I think I would be able to update this more if I had someone to photograph for me. It's so much easier to take pictures when someone else does it for you.

I hope you all are enjoying your extra hour of sleep!