Saturday, December 31, 2011

Obligatory nostalgia post.

WOO 2011. What a year. A crazy year. To think I almost didn't make it here is a shame. Let's see what happened:

*Got dumped right before Valentines Day what a drag
*Cut my hair short and became 1000x more attractive/happier
*Got a leading role in, now one of my best friends, student film.
*Went through four different boyfriends this year lol
*Met some of the coolest people ever and made lots of new friends
*My first year of Fright Fest
*Got my first blog sponsor
*Became a better person to myself
*Picked my career/dream university
*Lost a lot of weight

Here's some of my favorite pictures from this past year:

First picture i took of my new hair.
Dads sweater + cross necklace. I wore it so much it got bronzed up and it turned my neck green haha.,
Best cat eye makeup I've ever done. This was a fun night at The Crib. :)
Favorite shot from Human Root.
Fanime! This is one of my best cosplay pictures.
 From my photoshoot with my friend. I love this outfit!
Boy do I sure love costumes. Haha. My boss took this picture of me and sent it to the District Manager WHO EMAILED IT TO THE ENTIRE DISTRICT LOLOLOL
Stupid sick, but I just got my package. My dad said I looked like Taylor Swift. 
My first purchase. I think this is one of my nicest pictures.
The ever lovely Cat being radiant like usual.
This guy was Green Lantern at Six Flags. Hunky~
My most popular outfit. :)

My favorite picture from the photoshoot with Cat. This should be a perfume ad. :P
 Another popular outfit. I love wearing this outfit. Can't wait for summer to come back!
 Best night of makeup for Fright Fest. :) I love this look so much!
Took right before my photoshoot with Aaron. :) One of my favorite pictures of myself.

Never thought back in January that my life would be where it is now. And it's fucking awesome. Here I come 2012!
Resolutions: Lose more weight, take more outfit pictures, and have fun!

seeyounextyear. ;)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

window shopping in bed:

It's freezing outside of my warm, comfy, messy bed. I do not want to get out and go to work. Anyways, I've been drooling over clothes from a site called Mexy. It has tons of nice coats and sweaters and I wish I was rich so I could buy everything or a more popular blogger so I could get sponsored.

I found them from Alyssa's looks over at Here are some of her looks with them!

 Mexy coat.

Mexy sweater and jeggings.

Mexy coat.

Cute huh? I went through the whole selection they have and picked what I would love to own.:

 I've never worn shorts like these before. They almost look like a skirt! I think they would be really cozy to wear in fall/winter/spring with a nice sweater and tights.

I love the tiny accordion pleats in this skirt! Plus the belt is very cute too. Two for one deal!
 Flare skirts are so cute and feminine. Plus they are fun for twirling and *ahem* I kind of like to do that. Both of these prints are really adorable too!
This is the coat Alyssa is styling above! It looks super warm and cozy, and the bit of print gives it more character than a normal coat, without making it too kitschy.

I love these sweaters! The dolman type sleeves are one of my favorite trends and again it looks so warm! Can you tell I'm kind of cold right now? Haha.

(These I couldn't get pictures from the site for. :'<)

This scarf is HUGE I could wrap it all around myself and be so toasty warm. I love the print. I want to wear it with everything.

Thick Fleece Hood Fold Over Collar Jacket
This coat is one of the first things I saw on the site that I knew I wanted. I think the collar is a really cute touch and it would be easy to throw on over any outfit and be cozy. 

What do you think of these picks? I think I will buy something from them soon. I wish I could buy one of the coats but they are so expensive. ;-; I should've asked for one for Christmas. Today is the first day it actually feels and looks like winter outside. On Friday I was so comfortable outside that I was wearing SHORTS outside without feeling cold at all. What the fuuuuuck. I want it to rain so I can use my new umbrella. :C

Tell me what would be on your Mexy wishlist!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

your bloodshot eyes will show your heart of treason

They were cooing at me the whole time taking pictures. They made me a bit nervous.

Pigeons~! I live near the straights of the San Fransisco Bay, so it's rare for me to see pigeons. We normally have seagulls which I HATE. I was pooped on so many times at high school. :'( Welcome my pigeon friends!

Honestly, I don't think I will pass my Latin class. :( It was way too hard for me to follow. Hopefully I at least get a D as opposed to an F for the grade.

Anyways, twirling is hella fun. This skirt is from a cosplay I bought secondhand from a girl in Hawaii~ I still have yet to go there, but hopefully I will soon! I wore this as my 'costume' (I was supposed to look like a valedictorian, did it work? ) for my acting final. I did a short scene with my friend from a play called Women and Wallace. It was very fun! I will honestly miss that class so much. I know though I will be hanging out with a lot of the people I met from there though. :)


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

you have stolen all my senses; there's a fever in my heart

 There is fleece on the inside of this top. Mmmm toasty.

I don't have much time since I still have to study for my first final in TWO HOURS but here is an outfit post! I haven't been posting a lot this winter, I apologize! I will pick up after finals, I promise. <3

This snake-print top is from  It is very cozy and warm from being lined with fleece inside of it. A good purchase I bought when they had their Black Friday sale. I also just bought a Fair Isle print scarf from them during their Christmas sale ( 30% off with the code xmas30%  ).

fun with cutouts. teehee.

 The glasses are from  I have taken to using them as my everyday wear glasses. They fit snugly on my face opposed to my glasses from my optometrist. Now I can finally see when I work and I can wear them to dance, but that will be almost over THANK GOD. I will tell you all about my different finals after they are over and done with. Damn this year went by so fast.

ALSO: I want to dye my hair blonde. Like, platinum, or with a pink/orange tinge. Something light, and my work wouldn't let me dye my hair teal ;-; Tell me what you think!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

out there a lonely girl can drown

 So every time I want to take pictures, I have to move the garden hose and I just toss it aside willy nilly. But as I was walking over it when I finished my pictures, I realized it looked a bit like a treble clef today. I wonder what other shapes I missed!

These gorgeous frames come from proopticals! I think they are very cute and they remind me of Keiko Lynn.
I'm trying to get another job for winter. :( Jamba Juice doesn't have good business in the cold weather so my house get cut. I've had about 20 hours cut this month! I've been hounding Forever 21 but they haven't replied back yet for an interview.

I've lost so much weight this semester. Those shorts used to be crazy tight on my waist, now I can comfortably stick my hand in between the waistband and myself without it being tight at all! I think I'm around 130 now... just 20 lbs to go! 

 celebratory tumblr gif.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

it's that time again

Where I start getting super fucking excited about FANIME 2012. It's at the end of May but I WANT TO GET EXCITED NOW.

I'm doing all new costumes this year. This is going to be awesome.

First costume is Miku from her Heart Shooter video:

I am getting the corset and some accessories made by Viveeh on She has so many wonderful costumes, here are a few examples of her work:

She even showed me a tiny preview of the corset:

Second costume! Every year I say I am going to cosplay her, and finally this year my dream is coming true:

I am having this costume made for me by a sweetheart named electroViolet on She is an amazing seamstress from Poland. Take a look at some of her handiwork:

I am so lucky that she offered to take my commissions! I can't wait to see how the costumes turn out.

She is also making this third costume for me, which is the one I am most excited for:

The Princess of the Crystal from Mawaru Penguindrum. This show has the same director as Revolutionary Girl Utena, which makes me so happy! There are so many parallels between imagery and symbolism in the shows, I adore this show and it is quickly become my favorite of all time! Plus who wouldn't feel very fabulous max in this outfit??

I also just ordered a handmedown cosplay of Kagome from Inuyasha so I may bring that as well. :)

This is going to be an amazing Fanime, no doubt!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

i'll teach you

I've been away for a while. Let me catch you up on my life

*Fright Fest is over :C
*Had a super crappy Halloween but I was so cute it made up for it
*I'm being sued for over $4 million
*Cramming for the end of the school semester
*I'm grounded from throwing a party at my house
*I did a photoshoot with a friend (Halloween costume mentioned before):

Now I gotta go catch up and comment on my lovely friends blogs.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Do you wonder what your color is?

This is my last weekend of Fright Fest. :(

It has been the most amazing experience and I will treasure the memories for a long time. Everyone I have met so far is a sweetheart and you wouldn't even ever think of them as monsters!

One of the fun things is that we get our makeup airbrushed each night! We've gone through tons of looks, and I regret not photographing them all. However, here is the look from last night:

I feel like I look a bit like Harley Quinn!  Also I tihnk my lips look like a cute little cat face. :)

Does anyone recognize this outfit?

Yup! I'm wearing the exact outfit Bryce Dallas Howard wore for the movie The Village. All of our costumes for the people in my haunted house came from that movie. Cool huh? Plus my wig kind of matches Ivy Walker's hair color... spooky! Well I have to go get ready for tonight. ;)