Friday, June 22, 2012

Fanime 2012

I am feeling very sick and cranky so instead of getting frustrated with doing an outfit I will choose today to tell you all about the great weekend that was Fanime 2012.

Soooo many different things made planning this all an awful wreck, but it ended up being an amazing weekend. I met so many people, got my picture taken a BUNCH (but they are no where to be found online :'C ) and just enjoyed roomed with about 8 other people. I convinced my good friend Yez to come up from SoCal to enjoy Fanime with me. She is the prettiest peach ever.
LOL so my friends all got these Nekomimi ears. They have a mind sensor so the ears react to your brain waves. It was so much fun watching them all twitch and whir ahahaha I almost bought a pair too but at 100 bucks a pop it's not worth it.
 Precious friends~

I got there on Thursday, had to wait FOREVER because the guy in charge of my room would not answer his damn phone. I finally made it to my room, worked out for a bit, picked up Yez and Blanca from the train and went back to this neat parking garage I found near my hotel. Little did I know that was not over night parking, so when I went to get my flip flops four days later on Saturday, the gates were down and I couldn't get in! Luckily someone working there let me in and out but I was so close to having my car towed... orz

On Friday I dressed as the Heart Shooter version of Miku Hatsune!

 photo by Elliot Trindad:

The corset, bowtie and arm cuffs were made by Viveeh on She did an AMAZING job and I got so many compliments on my costume. I had ribbons to go around my ankles as well but they kept slipping and I forgot pins to keep them up. :( Ah my wig was a mess too lmao. I hate that thing I need to give it some real love. AND THE SHOES ahhh those shoes. They were too big for me even with insoles so they were so uncomfortable to walk in aye dios mio my tights were black on the bottoms cause I gave up walking in those heels. I had two (planned) photo shoots that day, one with Andel Photography:

I then had a shoot with Elliot Trinidad:

I love the pictures they took for me, and I was very happy to share the shots with Viveeh who liked them too. :) I wanted to do her proud!

I ended up giving my friends shoots too! I returned the favor to Ashley of Andel Photography and shot her amazing Lightening costume:

Ashley was so lovely to work with! She did crazy poses, dealt with my newbishness in full stride, and was an excellent model. I hope to work with her again very soon!

I also did a quick shoot with my friend Bri, who was Chell from Portal:

I pretty much grabbed her right before her gathering (sorry again, doll) and said YOU, COME HERE NOW FOR PICTURES. I'm just happy she was pleased with them in the end. Both her and Ashley got pictures taken of them the whole con! Popular ladies~

Here are some plain pictures I took of my friends and other cosplayers during the con. I cosplayed one other character on Saturday but I'm still waiting on pictures from that shoot. :P

 Blanca was creeping on us while we were waiting in the registration line.
 Johnny Rockets with Yez.
 This was the costume I wore on Saturday. :P Only (decent) picture I have of it so far.
 My fiancee and I.
 Zach and Tiddles jumping in the pool.
 What awful weather it was!
 About to drop his balls.
 More juggling!
 The elevator doors opened and revealed a chair. Naturally Yez took it.
 Ivanna and I. :3
 Fanime swag: Uggu and Derpaca, slip on shoes and POKEMON BADGESSS (My TARDIS shirt is not pictured)
 Bro Hugs, when your biceps hug.
Keima lol of course you'd be on your PSP
 Ashley's (Lightening up above) bf as Nightwing? I think that was the character lol
 Ursula!! She was amazing.
 Applebloom and Applejack!
 Just some puella magi.
 Bow down you lowlifes who will never mount to anything!
 Tiddles and Shwut
 The Doctor and TARDIS
 Suddenly a parade of maids passed by! These cuties quickly posed for me. :)
 Yez dying inside with her Tiger & Bunny peoples.
 Wendy and Peter <3
 Team Avatar

Congratulations on making it to the end of my picture dump. I hope you all felt like you were there with me. And now I'm about to go to Anime Expo next weekend!! Ha, conventions all around for me. :) I hope I can get all my cosplays fixed up in time for it @_@

In fashion related news, I wrote an article for's newsletter!

Here's the playlist. :P

It seems like some of the words got changed towards the end of the article though, but I'm honored to be a part of the newsletter! I hope to write more articles soon, please join and sign up for the newsletter so you can see them!