Monday, November 22, 2010




So on a website I frequent, I made a post about gijinkas (humanized animals, mainly pokemon) And someone made this: 
Of course, I had to make one myself.
"Being shiny is so uninspired."
<3 I can't wait for Pokemon B&W.
What is your favorite pokemon? Mine's Flaaffy.


Friday, November 19, 2010

she cried te amo


That movie is so ridiculously good. I could go on days for how much I loved it.
I went and saw the premiere with my BFF. We dressed up too! I'll add pictures later of those. But yeah. I will talk more about it later cause I kinda need to get to work.

However, since it was the last day of school before thanksgiving break and the HP5.i premiere, I decided to cross another thing off my bucket list:

I'm so mad my dads camera is making the pictures so small! I can't even upload these to chictopia, so that means I will have to take some again. That's okay, cause I didn't like any of the pics taken really.

But the item on my list was to go out not wearing any pants!
I guess I cheated cause I wore bloomers underneath but still...
It was really fun! I want to wear more tunics.  It was nice though. We were having presentations today and I wanted to dress up nice to make me feel more courageous. I don't know why but the first day we were supossed to do presentations, I had a panic attack :{

okay srsly gtg to work k.


Friday, November 12, 2010



Endomitriosis. If you have it, you know what I mean.
If you don't, consider yourself verrrry lucky.

So basically the cramping from my period has gotten so bad that I am puking (very painfully/violently) and I passed out for a while. All the while my mother insists the only thing I can do to alleviate this is take birth control pills, which I know I shouldn't do because I cannot remember to take pills to save my life, quite literally.
Of course this is complete bs but coming from someone who doesn't think I need bc in the first place I expect it.

Anways, gonna wrap this up because I feel really light headed again, but I got two of my packages. The brown tights and the socks and orange tights. They are all great quality and once I get all my packages I will do a big review.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010


oh man:

This is my favorite episode of Glee. I loved Beiste's role. High school is pretty vicious. I really like when Glee gets serious. But as always they make it humorous. Artie Puck bromance. So legit. I would love some more character development for Puck, maybe seeing his home life. Actually for all of the characters. And please please please let Artie and Brittany get back together. I think Brittany really did start to like him and I AM SO EXCITED FOR KURT AND BLAINE AGFDCB FDDDFV 

What's going to happen with the bully? AND SHUE BEISTE WHAT WHAT WHAT.

Confetti cannons

Why does itunes have all the songs up? I only see the teenage dream which was AWESOME yet so autotuned. :<
I remember hearing a preview of the songs and thinking that this episode was going to crash and burn butbutbut EVERYTHING CAME OUT SO PERFECT THIS IS AMAZING AGHHHHH.

Okay time to get dressed for class. :> What did you think of Glee?


Sunday, November 7, 2010



Messing around with the format of my blog. Just for fun.


And now

I will wait:

Hey! I feel like this is very hard for me to keep up with. Well not feel, know.
:< It's too bad I don't have anyone to take photographs of me at my will, or this would be updated almost every day.
I think I'll just have to take my camera with me all the time!

As for the title, I am waiting on PACKAGES~

I won a giveaway on the blog Down and Out Chic!
It was $50 for earringsnation on etsy. Her jewelry is so gorgeous! If I knew I wouldn't wear the necklaces, I would've redeemed one!
I got three rings and two sets or earrings though. I will try to get pictures when I can.

I also was treated to clothes by my parents! Almost everything was form the ELLE collection at Kohls. Fff. They are all so stylish and chic. I love it. Plus surprisingly, most of the clothes I got were smalls, I even sit into an extra small shirt! Kind of a confidence boost. B)

I will also take pictures when I get the chance.

Back to more PACKAGES~

I just bought a ton of items on eBay. I am getting 9 pairs of tights and socks for about 40 dollars. I figure that's a pretty good bargain, considering I just got tights for 6-7 dollars so if I were to pay like that It would be about 20 dollars more. 

I bought brown, orange, and purple striped tights, a set of 3 knee high socks, which I will redeem in maroon, black and brown, and another pair of black knee highs, and pink and white houndstooth print socks. :> I'm really excited about getting them.

Also I am debating going to UC Santa Cruz. We shall see.

Anyone reading this? roflwaffle. Tell me your last online purchase, and your favorite fall accessory.