Friday, September 27, 2013

let's fly to the universe

Just a little hello. I'm not so much into fashion anymore.
Well, I do love fashion, and keep up with all the trends, but I have more important things to spend my money on and my photographer is  busy little bee herself about to move out on her own! If you like keeping up with me, you can always find my instagram from my blogs sidebar. I also have a tumblr, and a facebook page.

I have been devoting my time more to school, work, and cosplaying. I however, am going to give up cosplaying and conventions after next year until I reach my goal of moving to LA. Big dreams huh? I'm still wavering between two possible futures I could choose, and then those break down into four possible outcomes. :T I never was good at choose your own adventure stories. I'm only just beginning to grasp who I am but I have to choose soon a definite path so it's a bit scary. I know everyone goes through this type of phase though so I just have to trust in myself.

dress;, shoes;, belt; ebay, watch; urban outfitters

I never shared anything about AX or Fanime with you guys, but just know it was amazingly fun and I will cherish the memories I made this summer.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Who says we have cold hearts?

Acting out our old parts.


Fanime is ever approaching as I scramble to finish my cosplays. I am going to get fabric and start Lucy tomorrow. I am very nervous for it. I hope I make a good costume. I need to finish Lucy and Keiko and then get Sailor Venus done for Anime Expo.

I bought this Deena and Ozzy backpack during the Urban Outfitters free shipping sale and damn... my package arrived in two days! Talk about awesome. This back was also only $14. Score. I have been wanting a backpack for quite a while and this bag is really sturdy for a 'fashion backpack'. I recommend it!

I took these pictures on the side of the road with Priscilla. I think a car honked at us, and I don't blame them. I could've passed off as a hooker for sure. Sorry for being so bootylicious~
I took some pictures of Priscilla too! Remember to follow her at

sunglasses from Giant Vintage;watch and backpack from Urban Outfitters;top from Oasap;shorts and necklace from Forever 21,belt from Pacsun;shoes from Payless

This is one of the pairs of glasses Giant Vintage graciously sent me. I unfortunately have been busy and unable to update my blog, but this is the first in the series of four posts that will feature each pair! This pair is the TWINKLE style and I really love them! As Priscilla noted when she tried them on, for bigger lenses they do not pinch my cheeks. They rest very nicely on my face and do not slip either, which is a must for sunglasses. The tint of the lens is very nice too, one of my favorite features of their sunglasses. You are doing yourself no favors by not buying a pair of their sunglasses!

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Lancôme Review Part One

Hello! I come today with a review of some products Lancôme Paris sent me for filling out a survey.

I was given four different products. I have yet to try the lipstick or eyeshadow palette but I have used the mascara and gloss! I will review those and save the others for another time.

The gloss I was given the Color Fever Gloss in Blushing Pink. The color is very light, it's almost a clear gloss on my lips. I have never really been a fan of glosses because of the stickiness factor, but this one doesn't bother me at all. It's very light weight as well. I have been using it ever since I got it. Its unique wand really does apply the gloss perfectly to my lips.

The mascara is called Hypnôse Drama. I love that this mascara does not clump my lashes, but it does not volumize them as much as I would like. It is easily fixed by using an eyelash curler though, which I normally do not use. This mascara is very easy to remove as well, so I don't wake up with my eyelashes still clumpy with stuff I couldn't get off the other night. I like this a lot more than my normal mascara, Maybelline Colossal. The wand on this one also has a curved shaped, making it easier to apply.

I will probably try the other products tomorrow (depending on if I go out tonight with my beau) so expect part two soon!

I haven't taken outfit pictures in a while.... my schedule is so cramped with school and work that it is hard to find the time. I am trying to actually teach my boyfriend photography, so he can take pictures for me when we move in together in a few months.

A lot of people have been telling me I shouldn't move in with him, but this has been an issue since we've been together and we've both gone over all the pros and cons very thoughtfully. I have told him no about 20 times before now telling him yes. It seems like no one believes in me and it's painful to realize. No one has really believed in me my whole life.

Anyways, I will be posting more often! Please stay tuned!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy Humpday

Woohoo Wednesday! I have a Stats test today that I am terrified of taking. My teacher just... doesn't teach the way I can understand, so it is a big struggle seeing as math is the hardest subject for me. I have not been taking photos recently because my main photographer was in Costa Rica on vacation, and I used the time to focus on school as well. lots of things have happened to me though in the meantime!

I have recently got a package from Giant Vintage containing four pairs of sunglasses for me to style! It was supposed to be three, but one of the pairs (unfortunately my favorite!) was running out of stock so they sent me that style in two different colors. I am very impressed with their customer service. Here is a picture from my instagram of the pairs:

The packaging was my favorite part! How sweet of them to add some candy~ I have been using these pairs for the past week now and they are all excellent! The tortoise shell ones are actually my favorite, the lenses are tinted so when you put them on, everything looks sepia toned. The purple framed glasses are similar, but everything is tinted purple instead.

Another thing that happened was that I won a giveaway! My friend Zoe from GrandTheftThrift hosted a giveaway with FlyingTomato for this dress and I won it!:

I will take pictures in it soon! The dress is great quality and very cute. I am looking forward to styling it with my Giant Vintage shades and a white blazer. B)

As for new purchases, I am going to buy these lovely tights from

I love the garter legging look. Layering another pair of tights under these would be very cute in fall and winter, or in summer with a cute tank top and sneakers.

If you sign up with tobi, you can get 50% off! They update their inventory every day and discount new arrivals for a few days so you can always get a great deal. Check them out!

I must go study now, but I hope yo all have a good day! Look forward to me next post!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

And when she walks, all the wind blows and the angels sing

But she doesn't notice me...

All my life I wanted to be a girl like this Nona. I wanted to be irresistibly cool and enigmatic and unattainable. It still even plagues me now. Maybe it's because I'm scared of letting people get close to me now.
If you've ever read Looking For Alaska by John Green, Alaska Young is the girl I dream of being. An alternate title for this look would've been from one of her quotes:

“Alaska finished her cigarette and flicked it into the river.
'Why do you smoke so damn fast?' I asked.
She looked at me and smiled widely, and such a wide smile on her narrow face might have looked goofy were it not for the unimpeachably elegant green in her eyes. She smiled with all the delight of a kid on Christmas morning and said, 'Y'all smoke to enjoy it. I smoke to die.”


 I tried to give up smoking earlier this year, and the entire time I was an awfully paranoid mess. My anxiety (which I've worked on for a long time) has considerably dropped while I have been a smoker. I would have panic attacks in the worst possible times and my mental health was just... ridiculous. I hated myself so much. I wanted to die every day. So I either kill myself with smoking or kill myself with my thoughts. Either way I will die I guess.

I took these photos on Saturday with Priscilla and her boyfriend at my our old high school. Whenever I wear this jacket I feel like Lindsay Weir from Freaks and Geeks. I actually feel like her a lot. Who am I? Where do I fit in? I am like, a hodgepodge of many things. I love fashion, cosplaying, photography. My looks are very girly and sweet but I love grungy clothes. I don't even have a celebrity twin. :'( It used to bother me a lot that I had so many hobbies, but now I don't even think about it. I may not be the best at anything, but that doesn't really make me a worthless person. I'm sure a lot of people would agree with me too.

After pictures we went out to brunch. It was a really nice little outing. I don't go on them often, so I make sure to treasure the ones that I get the chance to go on.


I got these sunglasses through Chictopia rewards! I dunno if they suit me, but they are probably the best glasses I've ever had. The big lenses really block out the sun, especially when I drive, and the fit is snug but not too tight. If I wear them a little lower so my eye brows peek out over top, they look better on me I think at least. They have a nice tint to them too! You can find them here for purchase as ShopCalico.  The service is I tihnk what really makes me happy about these glasses. The package was delayed because an employee was sick and they were moving so Elissa, the owner of ShopCalico, kept me up to date with what was happening and was very kind in her replies. I think I might have to buy something from them soon.

If you haven't seen yet, I added a widget for instagram to my sidebar. You can follow me with my username, Necara. I post previews of my blog posts as well as silyl stuff from my day to day life, such as Spencer in my sunglasses:


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dream of Californication.

Marry me girl be the fairy to my world be my very own constellation.

I am slowly dying mentally as college dates loom over my head. I haven't applied yet to anywhere.
What if I don't get into my top school? What if I don't get in anywhere? What if I end up someplace I hate? What if I fail?

Photos and editting by Priscilla as always. You can find her blog at 

 rings from ebay; shirt from h&m;pants from pacsun; booties from gojane


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

oh you're so naive, yet so-

How could this be done by such a smiling sweetheart?

Hello you guys! Or shall I say, bonjour? ;)


I felt very Parisian in this outfit! I could see myself browsing fruits at a market in this outfit. I’d probably wear more sensible shoes though. I thought I would never be able to wear heels again after injuring my knee a few months back. I have finally gained the strength to wear heels again! I missed them so~ Everyone said I looked very cute in this outfit as well, which made me extra happy. I kinda threw this together last minute as I packed. The top I actually stole from my mom’s closet… I do that a lot! Some of my favorite pieces are ones I took from her.
 The floral crop top and lace top were both my moms!

I am drowning in homework, work and my to-do list. I owe lots of people things and I haven't hardly started >.<  I wish I were Hermione with a time turner, so I could get everything done and be able to relax as well. I have to finish this up now and work on a drawing I owe for example!

beret borrowed from Priscilla; scarf and bangles from pacsun; top borrowed from mom;skirt from h&m; rings and socks form ebay; booties form gojane


Thursday, January 24, 2013

The skies are grey but she's gold

Woo first post of the new year! I have been doing lots of things in the meantime though.

I went to SacAnime winter earlier this month and WOW! The change in venue totally made this convention so much better. Having it at an actual convention center made it feel like a mini Fanime. Speaking of, I just booked my hotel for Fanime!! Gotta get working on my cosplays for it.
  Lucy Heartfilia; Ga-In (may be saved for AX though); Keiko Yukimura; Road To Ninja Hinata

I recently bought a new coat and a watch from Urban Outfitters with my christmas money. This is my first time purchasing from them. The watch has zodiac animal assigned to each hour. My sign, Aries, is at 8 o'clock. :) My coat is also very warm! I love the soft feel of it as well.

sunnies from Old Navy/necklace from Forever 21/dress from H&M/coat and watch from Urban Outfitters

Enjoy some pictures I took at SacAnime Winter!

Preview of a shoot I did with some friends!

My photographer Priscilla!

And here are more picture from my friends/strangers!
 I was very drunk for this one. ^

Last three pics by my friend Andrew.

  Last two photos taken by Priscilla.