Wednesday, December 29, 2010

if i were a wealthy girl

I would:

not have to work as much as I do, and therefore not be tired and not feel sick/drained, and not want to write in this.
I would also be able to spend all new years eve with my boyfriend.  :'(
But most importantly I would be able to buy these puppies without feeling guilty.

Hopefully after a couple more paychecks... ;(


These bandage skirts would be so much fun to wear clubbing, or at any party. I love them both so much, I would have to get both colors. Unfortunately they are completely sold out in my size! 

 This mini skirt is all kinda of sexy, plus the top ruffly tiers look as though they'd be good at covering unfortunate tummy bulge. ;) I love the print, this would look great against black tights.

I don't know what it is about this skirt that makes me like it so much. Maybe the office/librarian chicness of it, or the way it looks so flattering and drape-y. I think it looks adorable and I'd love to pair it with a nice cardigan and scarf.


I really love necklaces like this. If it were perfect, it would be a compass inside, but I love this design as well, plus cute jewelry that is also functional is the best in my opinion. This is so simple yet so elegant, it could be worn with most anything.

 One of the few dresses on the site that would fit me! It's always sad to see something cute and realize it isn't available in your size. However this cute dress is! I love the green color, and the material looks very pretty. It's like a doll's dress. A cute brown belt or tights would be nice with this.

I still need to review all the tights I bought.  :I  Between finals, work, and family issues, I've been completeeeeeeeeeeeely drained. Like, you need to pull over to the side of the road before you break down drained.

As for Christmas, I hope you all had a good one. My boyfriend got me the first season of GLEE which makes him the best person in the world. I also got a whole new luggage set! Hawaii here I come? I wish.

Here's to New Years! Don't get too wasted.


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