Sunday, November 20, 2011

it's that time again

Where I start getting super fucking excited about FANIME 2012. It's at the end of May but I WANT TO GET EXCITED NOW.

I'm doing all new costumes this year. This is going to be awesome.

First costume is Miku from her Heart Shooter video:

I am getting the corset and some accessories made by Viveeh on She has so many wonderful costumes, here are a few examples of her work:

She even showed me a tiny preview of the corset:

Second costume! Every year I say I am going to cosplay her, and finally this year my dream is coming true:

I am having this costume made for me by a sweetheart named electroViolet on She is an amazing seamstress from Poland. Take a look at some of her handiwork:

I am so lucky that she offered to take my commissions! I can't wait to see how the costumes turn out.

She is also making this third costume for me, which is the one I am most excited for:

The Princess of the Crystal from Mawaru Penguindrum. This show has the same director as Revolutionary Girl Utena, which makes me so happy! There are so many parallels between imagery and symbolism in the shows, I adore this show and it is quickly become my favorite of all time! Plus who wouldn't feel very fabulous max in this outfit??

I also just ordered a handmedown cosplay of Kagome from Inuyasha so I may bring that as well. :)

This is going to be an amazing Fanime, no doubt!



  1. sounds like so much fun! I love anime. Have you been to Anime Expo?

  2. Hey SEXY. Cosplay looks like fun. The only anime I've watched is Pokemon (obvz) and a bit of Death Note. They just had Supanova here and Billy Boyd was one of the main guest people. PIPPIN LORD OF THE RINGS OH GOD.

    My surgery went well but my face feels like somebody is kicking it repeatedly. The left side of my face is gigantic. I'm one hot bitch.

    Can we be fasebook friendz please? If you have it. Email me:

    PS - HAHAHAH the word verification when I clicked 'post comment' was "whorchy". Sums up our love entirely.