Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Who says we have cold hearts?

Acting out our old parts.


Fanime is ever approaching as I scramble to finish my cosplays. I am going to get fabric and start Lucy tomorrow. I am very nervous for it. I hope I make a good costume. I need to finish Lucy and Keiko and then get Sailor Venus done for Anime Expo.

I bought this Deena and Ozzy backpack during the Urban Outfitters free shipping sale and damn... my package arrived in two days! Talk about awesome. This back was also only $14. Score. I have been wanting a backpack for quite a while and this bag is really sturdy for a 'fashion backpack'. I recommend it!

I took these pictures on the side of the road with Priscilla. I think a car honked at us, and I don't blame them. I could've passed off as a hooker for sure. Sorry for being so bootylicious~
I took some pictures of Priscilla too! Remember to follow her at priscillavesper.tumblr.com

sunglasses from Giant Vintage;watch and backpack from Urban Outfitters;top from Oasap;shorts and necklace from Forever 21,belt from Pacsun;shoes from Payless

This is one of the pairs of glasses Giant Vintage graciously sent me. I unfortunately have been busy and unable to update my blog, but this is the first in the series of four posts that will feature each pair! This pair is the TWINKLE style and I really love them! As Priscilla noted when she tried them on, for bigger lenses they do not pinch my cheeks. They rest very nicely on my face and do not slip either, which is a must for sunglasses. The tint of the lens is very nice too, one of my favorite features of their sunglasses. You are doing yourself no favors by not buying a pair of their sunglasses!

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