Thursday, June 17, 2010

Meet Virginia

Spur of the moment design:
A pink romper with the relaxed sleeve style, and a nice leather belt, perhaps woven around the hips. Satchel like leather purse and brown leather lace up boots.
I wasn't sure if I wanted to add a head accessory because that made it seem more hippie than the feel I wanted. I don't even know what I wanted it to seem as. Maybe that's the point. It doesn't need to fit into a certain style to look good. I don't know what kind of fabric the romper would be. Cotton probably. And it flares inward a bit at the bottom of the shorts. Someday I'd like to see one of my designs made/worn.

And it would obviously have pockets on the romper. God knows we need them.
What do you think?

see ya later.


  1. I really like this drawing. Did you do it on the computer - if so did you use a tablet and pen? My computer drawings are usually useless because of my lack of control with a mouse!! I have a tablet but havn't really gotten into it that much yet.
    We found your blog on the Chictopia forums. Have a look at our blog if you get a chance. We'd love your feedback. Comment your views and follow if you like what you see. xoxo

  2. Boy is this late, I just found out how to access all my comments. Thank you! I did use a tablet, and unfortunately I have lost my tablet pen! I will be heading straight to your blog now.