Tuesday, September 7, 2010



Sacanime was okay. I was Kanra on Friday, Listen!! Yui on Saturday and Hinata on Sunday.

Spent a while there on Friday and Sunday, not so much on Saturday. Only like, 2 hours on saturday. I was late getting there and missed our whole K-ON group shoot. :<

Most of the pictures on my camera were from Kanra so:

Shizuko, Jailbait and moi.

Errday I'm hustlin'.

I spent the night at Drews the whole weekend. It was nice to have an open space and bed to sleep in by myself.

FFFFF. I realized after our small K-On photoshoot I'd left on my necklace. I will be shooping it out of each picture.
Also Gagain'.

Mio just playin some Guitar/Bass.

Yeah so Drew filled in to play with his brothers soccer team that morning. Started late, finished late. And I still had to finish my shirt womp.
I got a wicked fuckin' sunburn. Here's a picture of some sweet ass tan lines from my sandals:


So I went home to go see Drew because he got a NEW HAIRCUT for the military.
How handsome.

There was supposed to be a Naruto gathering on Sunday but it kinda failed. A lot of peopel actually called out to me and asked for photos though! It was awesome. B]

Doin' the Ferrah Flip.

Best part of the day: 
Starbucks you so cool.

I ended up staying until monday morning to go to a party with Drew and his friends. It got pretty crazy. Anyways, Drew is leaving this Friday to go to U of 
Oregon. It's very sad and it will be tough, but we have decided to stay together and stick through with it. 


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