Thursday, September 23, 2010

Four hours

to do nothing:

Hey! Just popping in.
Nothing really new going on in my life. I wish though! I would really like to try and make a dress for myself a la Marisa Lynch style. She's the owner of the blog New Dress A Day and basically she has 365 dollars to make a new dress each day. She uses thrifted garments and modifies them to be more trendy. It's really fascinating! 
OF course I also have a list of outfits I need to take pictures of for my chic blog. The last two times I had a chance the person never took pictures of me... Ugh. I don't know. Not going to get into it now.

Fall is here now. Unfortunately most of my warm wear options are hooded sweaters and that isn't really cute. :|
I need more coats/plain sweaters. Unfortunately this means I need money which i can't afford to spend right now because I have to pay a ticket for running a red light. :<
I have the ballsiest luck right now holy fuck. At least I have a job and can afford it eventually! I'm actually being given a lot more hours at my work right now so that is great. I really want to work on Halloween, it'd be pretty legit if we could kinda dress up for it. I'd maybe wear my Taiga wig and make matching tiger ears for it. I hope I can see Drew around Halloween. That'd be fun.

I don't know what else to say so I'll stop there.


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