Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Many of you might have heard of the CISPA bill, but don't know much about it. CISPA is an internet 'cybersecurity' bill being presented in the U.S. this week, much like SOPA was. However, this version does not hold a website responsible for it's members actions, which is why many big companies are in favor of it. I have compiled a list of links that you can use to contact your local representatives and urge them to vote against the bill!

More information on CISPA.
Find out who your local representatives are!
Compose tweets to your representatives about CISPA. (World wide!)
Form for emailing your representatives to vote no on CISPA.
These people will send a postcard for you to a representative of your choice.
Tell Facebook to withdraw it's support from CISPA. (World wide!)
Send a letter to lawmakers asking them to fight CISPA. (World wide!)
ACLU form for a letter to your lawmakers regarding CISPA.
We The People petition to veto CISPA.
A list of companies supporting CISPA and their contact information.

Please do your part. Calling my representatives took me a minute to do total, and with all the forms, it added up to about 5 minutes? It's worth it, trust me.


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