Saturday, April 28, 2012

Studio shots!

@_@ Almost done with school guys bear with me now. I'm working on my photography final right now pretty pictures shall be coming soon!

This week we took some photos in my schools studio. These are the pictures of me my friend took with my camera.

I look a bit silly I suppose. It's different posing for pictures alone in my backyard, but with 20 other people staring at me... I totally understand model pressure! There are some better pictures with my friend Stephen I took. Hopefully I can get those and post them too.

For my photography final I am taking disposable cameras and 'destroying' them to make cool effects! I have four cameras so far. For the first one, I heated the tip of a needle and scratched the edges of the lens, I hammered some holes into the body of the camera, I melted the lens with a lighter and I colored over the flash with blue sharpie. I really hope the pictures come out nice! I've been studying other photographers who've practiced this before. I will talk about that more in another post though.

Here are some extra shots of my life, just for fun:

 "...the always delicious Taco bell."

My friend Tori!

 Omg Fanime is in A MONTH I am so not ready. Then Vidcon is a month afterwards! *___* So nervous. Going to have LOADS of fun though and I will take a million pictures with my friends and proceed to dump them all here.

I've been having a very stressful/upsetting week but working out has really helped me feel better. I can feel my stomach getting tighter and tighter each day. Soon enough I'll have the body I've always wanted. :)

I'm waiting for sunrise now to go take some pictures for my final. I hope you all have lovely days!


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  1. i adore the studio shots!!