Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I want you, want you back! UGHHH!

Woooo it's been a minute hasn't it? A much needed return to fashion blogging, so sorry for the wait you guys! It's been crazy between work and hanging out with friends and working out. I had some time this morning and my wifi mysteriously started to connect as soon as I whined about it on facebook.... conspiracy much??

Jacket and boots thrifted
Skirt and top from H&M
Tights from eBay

I am so happy this summer! I love the nice weather (even if it makes work ridiculous). I just need a nice day to go to the pool and get tan and gorgeous. ;P
 I had fun taking these pictures. (Dang my hair has really grown a lot... ) I tried to emulate Cher Lloyd's style and goofiness in the video. I made some ugly faces.... these were like, the only two decent pictures, haha! at least something good came out though. :)

I hope to take more outfit pictures soon. Thank you all for being patient with me!



  1. love the top :) and those tights are so cool!

    1. Thank you April! I saw this top at H&M so long ago and have been waiting for the right time to buy it. :) and those tights are from ebay! I love ebay they have EVERYTHING

  2. Nice outfit!

  3. love the tee!!


  4. nice!

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  5. those stripped pantyhose are amazin!!! i am in love!!

  6. you have such cute style!!!! :3
    i'm obsessed with stripped pants like that :P
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    Sincerely, Bobby