Monday, October 15, 2012

New Laptop!

Wooo my parents were kind enough to buy me a replacement laptop. It's so different from my old one, but I like it! Thanks Mom and Dad!

Unfortunately my Photoshop, my old pictures, and all my music are gone. Hopefully I can recover them :(

Halloween is approaching fast, are you getting your costume ready?
I'm going to be Blossom from the PowerPuff Girls with two of my friends as Bubbles and Buttercup. I'm really excited!

I'll leave you with some nice music.



  1. OHAY GURRRRRRRRRLLLLLLLL. How are you going?!!??! I am sorry I haven't visited your bloggy in quite some time, but I am a big penis face. YES IT IS TRUE. BRO what kind of laptop did you get? What happened to your old one? I think my laptop is starting to shit itself. It keeps overheating and turning off waaahh, usually when I'm playing The Sims which makes me rage because I forget to save the game. Sad panda. Anyway I'mma go eat some burgers now. I MISS YOUR SCENT. Byeeeee!!

    1. lol hey there! I got a Lenovo laptop. It's so nice! My old laptop over heated and died ;-;
      Try and get a box or something to set it on so the heat has a way to dissipate and not build up and kill your laptop!