Tuesday, September 25, 2012

When Did Your Heart Go Missing?

You're leaving, leaving me hanging

I went to Off The Grid in Berkeley a while ago with my friend! I've never really gone to a fancy food truck before (gotta love those taco trucks though) so I was surprised by the types of food they had! I wanted to try everything but we got some taco things from The Chaiman, and some shwarma from another truck I forgot the name of. They were so good! I want to go back soon. My friend was also kind enough to take pictures for me.

I actually had another outfit planned in advance, but with my knee I knew I couldn't wear the heels I needed so I changed into this outfit quickly instead. The shirt is actually my moms old shirt. I sewed up some holes in it and it was good as new. The purse was also hers but she ended up not liking it. Lastly the gold watch, necklace and sunglasses are hers as well. The shoes I just got after having them on backorder at JCPenny's. They are so comfy and awesome, I will be wearing these a lot this fall (and cleaning them a lot, too)

 watch, top, necklace, purse from Mom/rings from eBay/jeggings from Aeropostale/oxfords from Call It Spring/belt from Wet Seal
I spotted this wall from across the street and fell in love with the leaves. To quote my friend, "SO AUTUMNAL" haha

Annnd then it got too cold and dark so we went and got Starbucks before heading back home. I finally tried the Pumpkin Spice Latte..... no bueno. It tastes like coffee and i hate that! I will stick to my Chai Tea Latte~

 If you like these photos,. please check out his blog, oneshotartist.com!



  1. GURRL. SO HOT. And I'm not just talking about the bakery photos. Because that wouldn't even make sense. SERIOUSLY THOUGH you look super babin' in those pics and you should go on America's Next Top Model because you are just so babely. And then you can kick Tyra in the face, yaaayy!

  2. I love that shirt!

  3. Lovely outfit,very cool and laid back