Friday, November 9, 2012

Pacific Sunwear

Hi there! The Pacsun at my local mall is closing. :( This was my second time in there and the staff were so nice and lovely like before. I feel bad for them all having to find new work.

I bought a nice infinity scarf. It's a light material and very soft, but it's super warm and cozy! Great for the winter. I bought some cute bracelets with gold heart designs too, and some belts since my favorite belt broke!

I think I would be able to update this more if I had someone to photograph for me. It's so much easier to take pictures when someone else does it for you.

I hope you all are enjoying your extra hour of sleep!



  1. That's too bad that they are closing! :( I love the scarf you bought though!

  2. Here's an idea: move to Australia and I'll take ALL YOUR PHOTOS FOR YOU. Also for some reason, I was convinced that there was a little chihuahua in the second picture. It kind of looks like one if you squint. I am weird. Aand now I want to go shopping. GOODBYE.