Wednesday, January 30, 2013

oh you're so naive, yet so-

How could this be done by such a smiling sweetheart?

Hello you guys! Or shall I say, bonjour? ;)


I felt very Parisian in this outfit! I could see myself browsing fruits at a market in this outfit. I’d probably wear more sensible shoes though. I thought I would never be able to wear heels again after injuring my knee a few months back. I have finally gained the strength to wear heels again! I missed them so~ Everyone said I looked very cute in this outfit as well, which made me extra happy. I kinda threw this together last minute as I packed. The top I actually stole from my mom’s closet… I do that a lot! Some of my favorite pieces are ones I took from her.
 The floral crop top and lace top were both my moms!

I am drowning in homework, work and my to-do list. I owe lots of people things and I haven't hardly started >.<  I wish I were Hermione with a time turner, so I could get everything done and be able to relax as well. I have to finish this up now and work on a drawing I owe for example!

beret borrowed from Priscilla; scarf and bangles from pacsun; top borrowed from mom;skirt from h&m; rings and socks form ebay; booties form gojane


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