Thursday, January 24, 2013

The skies are grey but she's gold

Woo first post of the new year! I have been doing lots of things in the meantime though.

I went to SacAnime winter earlier this month and WOW! The change in venue totally made this convention so much better. Having it at an actual convention center made it feel like a mini Fanime. Speaking of, I just booked my hotel for Fanime!! Gotta get working on my cosplays for it.
  Lucy Heartfilia; Ga-In (may be saved for AX though); Keiko Yukimura; Road To Ninja Hinata

I recently bought a new coat and a watch from Urban Outfitters with my christmas money. This is my first time purchasing from them. The watch has zodiac animal assigned to each hour. My sign, Aries, is at 8 o'clock. :) My coat is also very warm! I love the soft feel of it as well.

sunnies from Old Navy/necklace from Forever 21/dress from H&M/coat and watch from Urban Outfitters

Enjoy some pictures I took at SacAnime Winter!

Preview of a shoot I did with some friends!

My photographer Priscilla!

And here are more picture from my friends/strangers!
 I was very drunk for this one. ^

Last three pics by my friend Andrew.

  Last two photos taken by Priscilla.


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