Sunday, November 7, 2010

And now

I will wait:

Hey! I feel like this is very hard for me to keep up with. Well not feel, know.
:< It's too bad I don't have anyone to take photographs of me at my will, or this would be updated almost every day.
I think I'll just have to take my camera with me all the time!

As for the title, I am waiting on PACKAGES~

I won a giveaway on the blog Down and Out Chic!
It was $50 for earringsnation on etsy. Her jewelry is so gorgeous! If I knew I wouldn't wear the necklaces, I would've redeemed one!
I got three rings and two sets or earrings though. I will try to get pictures when I can.

I also was treated to clothes by my parents! Almost everything was form the ELLE collection at Kohls. Fff. They are all so stylish and chic. I love it. Plus surprisingly, most of the clothes I got were smalls, I even sit into an extra small shirt! Kind of a confidence boost. B)

I will also take pictures when I get the chance.

Back to more PACKAGES~

I just bought a ton of items on eBay. I am getting 9 pairs of tights and socks for about 40 dollars. I figure that's a pretty good bargain, considering I just got tights for 6-7 dollars so if I were to pay like that It would be about 20 dollars more. 

I bought brown, orange, and purple striped tights, a set of 3 knee high socks, which I will redeem in maroon, black and brown, and another pair of black knee highs, and pink and white houndstooth print socks. :> I'm really excited about getting them.

Also I am debating going to UC Santa Cruz. We shall see.

Anyone reading this? roflwaffle. Tell me your last online purchase, and your favorite fall accessory.


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