Wednesday, November 10, 2010


oh man:

This is my favorite episode of Glee. I loved Beiste's role. High school is pretty vicious. I really like when Glee gets serious. But as always they make it humorous. Artie Puck bromance. So legit. I would love some more character development for Puck, maybe seeing his home life. Actually for all of the characters. And please please please let Artie and Brittany get back together. I think Brittany really did start to like him and I AM SO EXCITED FOR KURT AND BLAINE AGFDCB FDDDFV 

What's going to happen with the bully? AND SHUE BEISTE WHAT WHAT WHAT.

Confetti cannons

Why does itunes have all the songs up? I only see the teenage dream which was AWESOME yet so autotuned. :<
I remember hearing a preview of the songs and thinking that this episode was going to crash and burn butbutbut EVERYTHING CAME OUT SO PERFECT THIS IS AMAZING AGHHHHH.

Okay time to get dressed for class. :> What did you think of Glee?


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