Friday, November 19, 2010

she cried te amo


That movie is so ridiculously good. I could go on days for how much I loved it.
I went and saw the premiere with my BFF. We dressed up too! I'll add pictures later of those. But yeah. I will talk more about it later cause I kinda need to get to work.

However, since it was the last day of school before thanksgiving break and the HP5.i premiere, I decided to cross another thing off my bucket list:

I'm so mad my dads camera is making the pictures so small! I can't even upload these to chictopia, so that means I will have to take some again. That's okay, cause I didn't like any of the pics taken really.

But the item on my list was to go out not wearing any pants!
I guess I cheated cause I wore bloomers underneath but still...
It was really fun! I want to wear more tunics.  It was nice though. We were having presentations today and I wanted to dress up nice to make me feel more courageous. I don't know why but the first day we were supossed to do presentations, I had a panic attack :{

okay srsly gtg to work k.


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