Friday, February 4, 2011

Somewhere that's green

First here's my newest favorite song:
English Cover


So my friend likes to sometimes post about interior design aspects she likes. I thought I would post some things I'd want in my own home someday.


Hammocks. It would be so relaxing to sit in a hammock indoors (or out) and read or listen to music. Especially in a nice open room. Perhaps some potted plants around to give it a nice naturalistic feel. My family has an old rinky hammock that's been weathered from well, weather. I loved to use it, especially in the sunny summer days where I can be lazy. If I did have a hammock in my house, I would also want:


A window on the roof. I think they're really cute, plus they bring in a lot of light more so than normal wall windows I think. Plus I would want a way to get on the roof, because I definitely want a flat part to my roof to sunbathe/chillax/danceparty on. 


I would love to put up decals/deisgns all throughout my house. I'm really inspired by All the cute little projects she does make me want to do something nice too. She does a lot of cutsey projects. I especially love this one. Maybe I'm biased because I've never really been in real snow, but I think this would be cute to surprise that special someone with.

So far that's all I've got. 


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