Friday, August 5, 2011

Back to School Shopping

So first and foremost I want to say I always thought envelope clutches were cute but kinda silly BUT NOW I UNDERSTAND.

I just bought an expanding file for school and I looked in the mirror holding it and OH. It just looks so good. I now really really want an envelope clutch.

Other school supplies I bought:

-Mechanical pencils
-Tons of erasers
-Three notebooks

THEN I went to Target and bought:

-Purple racerback tank
-Grey yoga Pants
-Black loose fitted ACDC top

I had a sweater and another racertop in black but I took them out because I thought I didn't ahve enough money but it turns out I was 80 dollars richer than I thought I was.

I bought a couple Capezio leotards too. Useful for dance and as a bodysuit awww yeah.

So nervous for school agnfijriaugfrwnf


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