Wednesday, October 12, 2011

time is on my mind

One trend I really like this fall is the clock necklace. They're basically like a pocket watch, but the clock is attached to a long necklace chain. I found a bunch I like on etsy:

I REALLY like this one because it reminds me of Lucy Heartphilia from Fairy Tail.
I love constellations and zodiac fortune telling. Plus the character I mentioned above summons anthropomorphized astrological signs with keys. How perfect is this pendant for that??

I like this one because it has that antique tint on the outside glass giving it a pale orange hue, which would help me with my wish to incorporate more orange colors into my wardrobe.

Here are two others from the same seller which I love:

And from the same seller is this lovely heart pendant which I think would be really cute:

Another pendant style I think is cute is a mirror pendant. Here's one I found on etsy:

I don't have very many accessories as you can tell from my outfit posts. I did buy an owl ring off of ebay though which will hopefully come soon. Little by little I will expand my wardrobe, and hopefully on the way I can get more sponsors too!



  1. I love the first one!<3

  2. I love the third one! So pretty. I used to have a clock necklace but I played with the clasp so much (OPEN CLOSE! OPEN CLOSE!) that it broke. Now it just looks stupid. Boohooo.

  3. herrooooooo! the fat white cat is called sammy/dee-dee and the little grey one is called little dee-dee. my mum calls all cats "dee-dees" because she thinks that when they run, they go DEEDEEDEEDEEDEEDEEDEEDEEDEE. she's so craycrayyyyyyy.