Thursday, October 6, 2011

All The Small Things

I don't know if it was anticipation or some weird cosmic occurrence but yesterday I thought absolutely everything was beautiful. From the sky to the bay water to my lit cigarette. I realize that this sounds like such a weird hippie thing to say, but I think the world is gorgeous and it saddens me that we do not fight to preserve such a beautiful thing. I think my favorite thing about being alive is seeing all the colors that life presents us with. I dunno. When I see a weird color I like to break it down into all the separate colors that mix to compose it. I'm kind of a weird person.

 Photo by Flickr user SuperFantastic
White, cream, lilac, silver, gray, black, blue, pink, carmine, peach, orange, gold, yellow, all in the burning end.
Isn't that amazing?

Yesterday I saw Blink 182. It was an awesome concert, and I had good company with me. The funnies tthing was that the band I was least interested in seeing turned out to be the best performance of the night and thus stole my heart. Matt and Kim stole the show. They were energetic, feisty, and charming. They also sounded a million times better than MCR and Blink-182. I was disappointed with both acts. I mean they were good, but not as good as I hoped they'd be.

Here are some photos from the night:

 Pury sky. When we were sitting in my car eating lunch we saw a cloud that looked like an arm throwing up the 'devil horns'.
 Such a handsome fellow.
 I guess I look pretty cute too.
 We met these people when they randomly came to sit near us after M&K. They were awesome. Please excuse my rude gesture.



  1. I love those days! I try to enjoy the feeling of love and wonder toward the world when I feel like that. I love Matt and Kim! I've never seen them live, but everyone says they're awesome. Looks like you had a good time, I'm glad :)

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