Tuesday, October 4, 2011

When will my life begin?


Oh Punz how I love thee so.

I bought this dress last night for my acting class. I performed a scene  from the comedy revue Serious Bizness, and the character says 'Peach makes you look like a slut. It's a slut color.' LMAO

It has started to rain here. Not going to be fun for my hair, but I am very excited to wear my tights again! Forever21 just got some maroon and mustard tights and I saw some orange sweaters I'd love to have why am I so poor ;-;

Sleep time is now so



  1. I'd love to shop more tights! I wish Forever21 had a store in my country. I did some major shopping there when I went to New York this summer, but no tights. You look great by the way!

  2. Like it! follow me ! =)

  3. Oh what a pretty dress! Definitely not a slut colour. Haha.