Sunday, December 18, 2011

window shopping in bed:

It's freezing outside of my warm, comfy, messy bed. I do not want to get out and go to work. Anyways, I've been drooling over clothes from a site called Mexy. It has tons of nice coats and sweaters and I wish I was rich so I could buy everything or a more popular blogger so I could get sponsored.

I found them from Alyssa's looks over at Here are some of her looks with them!

 Mexy coat.

Mexy sweater and jeggings.

Mexy coat.

Cute huh? I went through the whole selection they have and picked what I would love to own.:

 I've never worn shorts like these before. They almost look like a skirt! I think they would be really cozy to wear in fall/winter/spring with a nice sweater and tights.

I love the tiny accordion pleats in this skirt! Plus the belt is very cute too. Two for one deal!
 Flare skirts are so cute and feminine. Plus they are fun for twirling and *ahem* I kind of like to do that. Both of these prints are really adorable too!
This is the coat Alyssa is styling above! It looks super warm and cozy, and the bit of print gives it more character than a normal coat, without making it too kitschy.

I love these sweaters! The dolman type sleeves are one of my favorite trends and again it looks so warm! Can you tell I'm kind of cold right now? Haha.

(These I couldn't get pictures from the site for. :'<)

This scarf is HUGE I could wrap it all around myself and be so toasty warm. I love the print. I want to wear it with everything.

Thick Fleece Hood Fold Over Collar Jacket
This coat is one of the first things I saw on the site that I knew I wanted. I think the collar is a really cute touch and it would be easy to throw on over any outfit and be cozy. 

What do you think of these picks? I think I will buy something from them soon. I wish I could buy one of the coats but they are so expensive. ;-; I should've asked for one for Christmas. Today is the first day it actually feels and looks like winter outside. On Friday I was so comfortable outside that I was wearing SHORTS outside without feeling cold at all. What the fuuuuuck. I want it to rain so I can use my new umbrella. :C

Tell me what would be on your Mexy wishlist!



  1. great inspiration/ clothes!

  2. Hello excellent person! I want the pink stripey jumper in the last photo. Weeee skirt twirling is fun for everyone. Have you never had fairy bread? It's just bread + butter + sprinkles/hundreds & thousands/whatever you call it. So yummm, you end up with it all over your face but THAT IS OKAY.

  3. Hey Lauren, such a great post, thanks for the link, i checked out the website and indeed they have some great winter pieces i desperately want, but i can't see me buying them soon, since they are so expensive
    i have to admit that i laughed with your "more popular blogger so i could get sponsored" comment, its so true that it is funny, i mean so many bloggers get free stuff and we are stuck outside of that gift paradise drooling over pieces we'll probably never get.
    i just wonder how the heck do they manage to get all those free goodies? what do they dO?
    if you want rain girl come over here in athens, its raining all day long lately, and i don't like it at all, we are supposed to be a warm and sunny country so where did the rain come from? london?
    by the way could you possibly, plz plz plz, check out my blog and tell me what you think?
    this is not another one of those 'follow me' comments since i don't write comments like those and i don't like them either,its just a wish.
    by the way who likes comments like "great post, follow me?"??? i can't imagine comments to be less than 3 lines...
    lol so that's for now. i am off to comment on your other lovely posts.
    hope to talk to you soon.
    nice to meet you (through blogger but still)
    marianne of

  4. Ok back to comment on something i noticed, first of all i am a follower of your blog via GFC and everytime i reload the page i either see myself as one or not, what's up with that?
    second i see that you have sponsors, how do you get them? not that i want ones now, not that i think that i deserve them either, my blog is so new and so not complete or interesting enough yet that i don't...
    but i just always wondered and never got to ask,
    how do you get sponsons?
    do they get in touch with u?
    do u get in touch with them?
    what do you tell them?
    if you could reply to this i would be extremely happy!
    in case i don't see your comment here, can u copy and paste it on my blog, for me to read it?thanks and sorry for bothering u with so many questions.
    marianne of

  5. great picks! love sweaters <3

  6. Hello, sorry for taking so long to reply on your comment on my blog lureofthedarkside
    i was on vacations and i just came back,
    first let me thank you for checking out my blog i really appreciate it and second thanks for the advice for the sponsons and for answering my numerous questions, i really appreciate it.
    not many do so.
    hope that you'll have a happy new year.
    how's the weather in california right now?
    is it sunny or chilly?
    oh i only wish i could visit one day.