Wednesday, December 14, 2011

you have stolen all my senses; there's a fever in my heart

 There is fleece on the inside of this top. Mmmm toasty.

I don't have much time since I still have to study for my first final in TWO HOURS but here is an outfit post! I haven't been posting a lot this winter, I apologize! I will pick up after finals, I promise. <3

This snake-print top is from  It is very cozy and warm from being lined with fleece inside of it. A good purchase I bought when they had their Black Friday sale. I also just bought a Fair Isle print scarf from them during their Christmas sale ( 30% off with the code xmas30%  ).

fun with cutouts. teehee.

 The glasses are from  I have taken to using them as my everyday wear glasses. They fit snugly on my face opposed to my glasses from my optometrist. Now I can finally see when I work and I can wear them to dance, but that will be almost over THANK GOD. I will tell you all about my different finals after they are over and done with. Damn this year went by so fast.

ALSO: I want to dye my hair blonde. Like, platinum, or with a pink/orange tinge. Something light, and my work wouldn't let me dye my hair teal ;-; Tell me what you think!



  1. You look hawt as always. I think I like the whole cut out shoulders thing, because shoulders are SENSUAL yeahhh. Yes dye your hair blonde! That would be groooovy.

  2. cute outfit