Saturday, December 31, 2011

Obligatory nostalgia post.

WOO 2011. What a year. A crazy year. To think I almost didn't make it here is a shame. Let's see what happened:

*Got dumped right before Valentines Day what a drag
*Cut my hair short and became 1000x more attractive/happier
*Got a leading role in, now one of my best friends, student film.
*Went through four different boyfriends this year lol
*Met some of the coolest people ever and made lots of new friends
*My first year of Fright Fest
*Got my first blog sponsor
*Became a better person to myself
*Picked my career/dream university
*Lost a lot of weight

Here's some of my favorite pictures from this past year:

First picture i took of my new hair.
Dads sweater + cross necklace. I wore it so much it got bronzed up and it turned my neck green haha.,
Best cat eye makeup I've ever done. This was a fun night at The Crib. :)
Favorite shot from Human Root.
Fanime! This is one of my best cosplay pictures.
 From my photoshoot with my friend. I love this outfit!
Boy do I sure love costumes. Haha. My boss took this picture of me and sent it to the District Manager WHO EMAILED IT TO THE ENTIRE DISTRICT LOLOLOL
Stupid sick, but I just got my package. My dad said I looked like Taylor Swift. 
My first purchase. I think this is one of my nicest pictures.
The ever lovely Cat being radiant like usual.
This guy was Green Lantern at Six Flags. Hunky~
My most popular outfit. :)

My favorite picture from the photoshoot with Cat. This should be a perfume ad. :P
 Another popular outfit. I love wearing this outfit. Can't wait for summer to come back!
 Best night of makeup for Fright Fest. :) I love this look so much!
Took right before my photoshoot with Aaron. :) One of my favorite pictures of myself.

Never thought back in January that my life would be where it is now. And it's fucking awesome. Here I come 2012!
Resolutions: Lose more weight, take more outfit pictures, and have fun!

seeyounextyear. ;)


  1. YOU GO GURLFREEEEEEND. How did you lose so much weight? Tell me your secrets. And holy crap that guy looks so much like Ryan Reynolds. Please get blue hair. That is all.

  2. Sounds like you had a pretty cool year, although getting dumpe right before Valentine Day must've suuuucked!

  3. oh the cat-eye make up is fabbbbbbbbbbbbbb
    i wish i could make it look so nice
    i know this may sound as a spam message but i made a new post about how beautiful our little flaws make us, how unique and amazing. and my next post will be about curvy women and how curvy can mean sexy and seductive.
    fashion industry people should remember that.
    support this throught my blog.

  4. Hey broseph. To answer your questions - I still post outfit pics on Chictopia for funsies but I don't really comment anymore because it just feels like a big load of fakery. I'm on ASOS Fashion Finders but don't really post much. I have joined Lookbook but haven't ever posted anything, it's TOOOOO SCARY! Will you be my Lookbook fwend? I will pay you.

  5. sounds like you had a great year! Hope you will have a even better 2012!