Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spring Style

 Sorry for being so out of touch lately! I've been doing a lot of school and work stuff. :(
I should do an outfit later today though so be on the lookout for that!

Spring Inspirations

H M long top, £15
AX Paris batwing top, £20
H M lace short sleeve shirt, £13
Denim top, $32
Wallis short sleeve top, £18
Neon Hart denim short shorts, $40
H&M denim jean shorts, £15
American Eagle Outfitters small heels, $50
Charlotte Russe buckle shoes, $40
Wet Seal rock shoes, $20
H M metal jewelry, £2.99
Wet Seal wayfare sunglasses, $7.50
eos Strawberry Sorbet Organic Lip Balm Sphere : Target, $50

As the weather heats up (or in our case, stays the same -__- ) I am itching to buy some more high waisted shorts. I love denim so much but I only have one pair of high waisted denim shorts! Must be fixing this pronto.

I have always wanted a long white cardigan as well. I think they look cozy yet somewhat elegant. It would be a nice coverup for being at the beach as well.

I love my brown boots from Forever 21 and I want to expand my collection! I have so many shoes (which I shall be posting in a shop my closet section soon! ) I never wear so it's time to clean out and make way for new stuff. I have never had any sandals that weren't flip flops so I would really like a pair of gladiator ones! I'm usually not a big fan of tassels but I think this isn't too overbearing.

I like this new trend of bottom tied tops. I think it looks cute and gives a plain shirt just a bit more style. I have also been DYING for a bralet but have never had the chance to get one/try one on.

I don't really care much for accessories but I do love my set of gold rings I bought at H&M a bit back. They're nice to just pop on and I like wearing them with my cat ring I bought off ebay. I ended up losing my owl ring and the other rings I bought broke. :( I'll be stoking up soon on cheapo ebay rings. They may turn my fingers a bit green but I don't mind so long as my wallet stays green too.

I used to have a cheapo ( 50 cent or something. They came in a friends birthday goodie bag) pair of wayfarers that were EXCELLENT and I wore them everywhere. Unfortunately they fell off over a bridge last summer so I need to replace them! I love the wayfarer style. Classic but not to campy.

I got this strawberry EOS lip sphere for christmas and I love it! Strawberry is one of my favorite flavors, plus it leaves my lips very moist for a long time. Plus it's such a cute design! I use this and my Jamba Juice lip balms exclusively.

I have a friend who used to drink an Arizona tea every day in high school. While I was shopping a few months ago I decided to try one and now I am hooked as well! I'm not a big fan of cold tea so I mostly stick to the fruity flavors, but I do like the mango and tea one. Cheap and delicious~

What do you want to incorporate into your wardrobe this spring?



  1. love the bottom tied tops! omg. arizona green tea is amazing. i want to incorporate more chiffon and button downs as well as pastels and corals into my wardrobe.

    1. Me too! I've been looking for some denim button down shirts. I know f21 has them but I'm gonna try at thrifting before I go there. Pastels and corals are also things I want to try! However my wardrobe is so neutral based I find it hard to incorporate any colors ;-;

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. High-waisted shorts are definitely on my Summer wish list as well! Love this board you've put together, the crop tops are perfect :)

    <3 Shawna