Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

For my humanities class, we had to make a visual project based off a word we chose from a list of words we associate or that others have used to describe you. I chose this prompt, based off of James Luna's Half Indian/Half Mexican:

"Create a face-off between two sets of opposite images – ones that reflect your chosen word, and ones that reflect its common opposite.  Inject a compromise image in the middle."

James' piece

 My chosen word was scared. Here is my piece (click the picture to see it larger):


What would you have chosen for your word?



  1. SO COOOOL MAN. You look awesome in leopard dress by the way. That sounds like it was actually a fun assignemt to do. I love when assignments aren't huge pain in the arses. Hurray! PS I STILL haven't received my Oasap stuff blaahhh so annoying.

    1. Thanks my dear~ It was really fun to do. :3

      I bet it's cause you live in the DOWN UNDA oh man I want to go to Australia so bad. I actually want to go anywhere so bad. CALIFORNIA IS BORING

    2. I think it's because it's been flooding here and so postal service has been a bit crap. Blaahh. CALIFORN-YAH. CALIFORN-YAH GURLZ. Please visit me so I can sing that to you all day long.

  2. What an interesting assignment & I really like your take on it. I'm not sure what my word would be but now you've got me thinking about it!

    <3 Shawna

  3. love your leopard dress! and love the way you handled the assignment. the transition is quite nice.