Saturday, March 17, 2012

20% off code from Romwe

Hello all! Happy St. Patricks Dayyyyy! 

I've gotten the opportunity to share a special discount with you all! 20% off anything at the Romwe store. They have a lot of cute new styles (plus they have galaxy clothing!) This coupon will help you knock off a bit of the price, and the prices are already pretty fair!

To get the discount:
Leave a comment below with your name and email and I will send it off promptly! I can't get the emails to work so you can use the code 20%OFF to get the discount.

Here are some of the pretty things I'd love to get from Romwe:

Right now I am wrestling with the thought of buying this gorgeous red skirt. It looks so flowy and pretty! Id would be cute with a grey top and cardigan. Only a few left in stock too! :{

Although I would not trade my darling camera Rose for anything, I wish I had chosen this as my birthday present from my parents instead sometimes. The famous Galaxy print skirt! I'd love to have this piece.

The floral pattern on this top is gorgeous! I think it would be very cute styled with high waisted shorts or the red skirt from above!

You guys know how much I love shorts. I like the frayed look to it as well. Plus the belt it comes with is cute!

Those are my picks! Remember to leave your email in a comment down below for the coupon code! Be safe today and have fun. :) I'm going to go debate about getting that red skirt now.



  1. omg. I love that red chiffon skirt. its like the perfect shade of red. Love it!
    you should get it!

    1. AHH So I just bought it. It went out of stock a bit ago and I was sad but okay with it, but i saw there was one more in stock and I was just like BUY BUY BUY ;-;

      And I ought to be saving money too damnit. I hope it is amazing and worth it.