Sunday, May 6, 2012

Versace Yellow Diamond Review

Hey guys! I actually did a review soon after it was promised oh man what a feat.

I don't remember requesting this sample so when I saw the package in the mail yesterday I was quite surprised and pleased! It came with a tiny ad card and then the product and it's casing. Yellow is one of my favorite colors so I love the packaging. Plus it's shiny and the paisley is elegant and detailed and fun to look at! I had to edit these a lot to get the yellow to stand out, but the color is most like that of the inside of a lemon creme pie.

 Here is what the website says about the fragrance:

"The fragrance unveils like a burst of light, gleaming and glistening. The crystalline luminosity of citron from Diamante the generous freshness of a pear sorbet fused amongst sparkling notes of bergamot and dynamic accents of neroli. The rare elegance of orange blossom shines through the light of freesia and mimosa and the natural transparency of nymphea. The sensuality of ambery woods, the sunny and vibrant character of palo santo wood, the refined presence of musk."
To me, it smells a bit musky and watery. Not watered down, but more juicy/watery. There is a hint of pear like mentioned in their description. It reminds me of a sunny day at the beach or camping.
It's not over powering at all.

The thing I like best about the perfume (or at least from this tube) is that the spray is very concentrated. I think for body mists, it should be sprayed all over the body, but for perfume, it should only be on your veins (wrists, throat, back of knees) since it's a bit stronger. 

I like the perfume a lot! I normally would go for a more citrusy or sweet smell, but I feel like this is light enough for me while still holding a sophisticated smell. I have too many perfumes now though so I probably won't buy this. (However for a present.... ;) )

Here's their video advertisement, just for fun. I like the kaleidoscope effect. My mom used to collect kaleidoscopes so I used to play with them a lot when I was younger.

Thanks for reading my review!


  1. cute packaging!

  2. I WANT TO SMELL YOU oooh that wasn't weird at all.

  3. Love your review! Makes me want to buy it!:)