Thursday, August 9, 2012

Anime Expo 2012 (Tons of pics!)

So first off I'd like to say that driving down to LA sucks and is very boring. Also don't eat or drink anything on the way down. I made it all the way down with only one stop for gas thankfully.

The first day I got there we (Sarah, Mel, Yez, Vonnie, Blanca and Edith) all piled into Yez's car and went to Hollywood to look at things and get her fitted for one of her costumes she unfortunately didn't wear to AX.
Mels watch that we were all lusting over. Yez and Sarah bought one and now I'm wanting one too!

Sweet lens flare.

Canon building!
Everything was ginormous @_@

Popeyes is the shiznet


We all had fun putting our hands in the hand prints and matching our feet to the foot prints.

This guy was making amazing street art with spray paint! Sarah bought one of his pieces.

We found Mels drive-in.

Mmph dat ass dos pants

Then that night we all tried to help Yez make her keychains to sell at the con and we tried to pack and get everything ready for the con!

 I was the only person who pre registered for the convention, so I waited in a giant line while they all went and bought theirs. We finished about the same time though!
Eevee brothers! 
Eevee bros with Vonnie and Edith
 Katamari heads staring into my soul.

 Edith being a fabulous diva
 Edith being an emo hipster kid.
 My friends had an Adventure Time group! Yesenia was Marceline, Kyra was Marshall Lee, Vonnie was Finn and Edith was Princess Bubblegum. They were really popular!

 Fist bump!
 Omg Vonnie that face.... lmao

 I was going to wear my Heartshooter Miku costume but my pigtails were too tangled. I try to buy a new wig at the convention but the company brought the wrong color. :|
 Steeeeve except the Captain America was a little creepy to me in my next day outfit.

 Going back to the hotel! Vonnie had the camera by then.

 This R2-D2! We couldn't find who was controlling it. It actually moved around and I think it beeped too. It was really cool we stood there for so long trying to figure out who was controlling it.
 Yez and Stitch butts.
 Pure joy.
 We put them on Mel
 What a wonderful awakening!
 Edith passed out on the couch.
 Kyra being so kawaii desu.

 Vonnie got me brushing my teeth

 I wore the Road to Ninja version of Hinata for the last day! This was very last minute, but was so comfy in the LA heat! People liked it too. :)

 The lovely Hannah who was the first Naruto person I met that day.

 Joshua made a fabulous Kiba!
 Hey guys!
My younger Hinata, Dani.

Here are some professional pictures I got taken of me!

Below are all the cosplayers I got pictures of. Take a look!

Does anyone recognize her? It's Zoe from!

You made it to the end, congrats! I hope you enjoyed the pictures, I enjoyed taking them and I hope to go to AX again.


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