Thursday, August 2, 2012

Denim days

Well hello there!

Haven't I been gone a long time... whoops!

I've been enjoying my blogging break by going to LA and dressing up in fishnet bras and by almost being bombed in Monterrey and supplying the greater home town area with delicious smoothies.

I got my hair cut finally! I haven't taken pictures in a long time @_@ I thankfully have a picture I took late at night in a Carls Jr in Monterrey oh my god... 

I was way too kawaii for that CJr~*
Here's my hair now, in messy bed head form:

I love my short hair but i miss being able to put it in a ponytail. I really like the messy bun/top bun hairstyle that's a fad right now and it makes me sad that my hair won't be long enough for that.

Why does the new semester have to start so soon? I wish for just one more month of leisure ;-;
It's been so hot the last thing I want to do is homework! I wish I was back down in Monterrey right next to the ocean or in LA with my lovely Yesenia. I still need to post pictures from Anime Expo! That shall be my next post. After having back to back conventions the last two months I miss going. Good thing there's SacAnime next weekend! :P

I went to Aeropostale for the first time since there was a coupon for $20 jeans in Seventeen magazine. My jeans have been falling apart (I own more shorts than pants now) and I need to replenish the stock.
I picked a pair of 'jeggings' from there. I have never owned jeggings before but they're just like really stretchy denim. So my first Aeropostale purchase was my first pair of jeggings as well, lol.

Then I stopped by PacSun because they were having a buy one get one free sale on denim as well. The girl working there showed me these kick ass flared pants that I fell in love with. They make my legs look amazing and they look awesome with platforms. ;)

My free pair are these brown cord pants. I have been wanting a pair of corduroy pants for the longest time, I really love the textured look they give that can instantly make a plain outfit more stylish.  I want to wear all these with button up collared shirts! I've been really liking collared tops lately. They just seem so flattering and chic!

I hope you all are enjoying your last remnants of summer. Mine have been a bit up and down, but I'm sure things will workout either way. :)


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