Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tennis knee

It seems like every time I play tennis, I dislocate my knee cap.

The funniest part is, I had the strongest instinct to skip this class and just drop it afterwards, but I wanted to be a good girl and go to class.

Good going.

So after having a ~100 degree fever for a week, the next day I get better I am back on bed rest.
 It's been a little over a week since it happened and I can walk without a brace on but I am very very slow and limping. It hurts when I bend it, and I can tell my other knee is getting hurt from having to bear most of my weight all the time. But my bad luck should be ending soon. Bad luck comes in threes (The last thing that happened was that a piece of my sonic screwdriver broke off :'c ) so I should be done by now. This is why I haven't been posting any new outfits, even though I desperately want to.

I bought a white vest from the big sale going on. It ends on the 31st, so check it out!
I can't wait to style it.


Uniqlo crew neck t shirt, $16 / Anomalous Sleeveless White Gilet / Joe's Jeans skinny jeans, $205 / Kitten heels / Vintage ring, $13 / Ariella Collection stackable ring / Patagonia beanie hat

I might be getting a tattoo next year as well! I want to get a heart in white ink on my wrist.... even though I'm terrified of needles.  My friends and I are going to stay a weekend in Berkeley and they all want piercings and tattoos, so I feel like I will end up getting peer pressured into it unless I chicken out (which I most likely will)

I did this little doodle earlier tonight. A lot of my friends are suck talented artists ;-; I want to get better at art because they are so awesome! Check out this one piece from my friend Sarah:

You see what I mean? Simply amazing. Welp I'm gonna try and sleep some now. Sorry about the giant hiatus. I'm hoping to take outfit pictures soon.


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