Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy Humpday

Woohoo Wednesday! I have a Stats test today that I am terrified of taking. My teacher just... doesn't teach the way I can understand, so it is a big struggle seeing as math is the hardest subject for me. I have not been taking photos recently because my main photographer was in Costa Rica on vacation, and I used the time to focus on school as well. lots of things have happened to me though in the meantime!

I have recently got a package from Giant Vintage containing four pairs of sunglasses for me to style! It was supposed to be three, but one of the pairs (unfortunately my favorite!) was running out of stock so they sent me that style in two different colors. I am very impressed with their customer service. Here is a picture from my instagram of the pairs:

The packaging was my favorite part! How sweet of them to add some candy~ I have been using these pairs for the past week now and they are all excellent! The tortoise shell ones are actually my favorite, the lenses are tinted so when you put them on, everything looks sepia toned. The purple framed glasses are similar, but everything is tinted purple instead.

Another thing that happened was that I won a giveaway! My friend Zoe from GrandTheftThrift hosted a giveaway with FlyingTomato for this dress and I won it!:

I will take pictures in it soon! The dress is great quality and very cute. I am looking forward to styling it with my Giant Vintage shades and a white blazer. B)

As for new purchases, I am going to buy these lovely tights from

I love the garter legging look. Layering another pair of tights under these would be very cute in fall and winter, or in summer with a cute tank top and sneakers.

If you sign up with tobi, you can get 50% off! They update their inventory every day and discount new arrivals for a few days so you can always get a great deal. Check them out!

I must go study now, but I hope yo all have a good day! Look forward to me next post!


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  1. Awesome 4 you!! You are going to own that dress.