Sunday, April 24, 2011


I believe in a God. Whoever they are, they want me here. They saved my life for a reason, and now it is my mission to make something of my life for them. I believe they want me to try my best all the time and to the best that I can, and it's okay if I fail or mess up sometimes. As long as I keep trying with all that I am, that God will be proud of me. There may be a heaven, there may be a hell, and there may be nothing. Regardless, we should live our lives just to live, not for the fear of what may come from our choices. It's you who has to live with what you choose to do each and everyday. And they don't judge people, they only love; Love is the strongest tool they have. Things happen for a reason, even if you don't understand the reason why.

That's my rambling for today. Enjoy your Easter!


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