Sunday, April 10, 2011

I feel so Audrey Hepburn right now.

Decided to trim my Bieber cut. I miss it ridiculously. Also my bangs look funny. :<

We'll let it grow out though. I just came back from having dinner at my boyfriends restaurant. It was really really good, and like a freaking dork he sent me a bowl of ice cream from the kitchen. Aggggh I'm so ridiculously lucky to have this fool. Tomorrow I go back to school UGH I wish spring break was this week. Well at least Nick and I have the same week off. Fun fun fun fun. I'm gonna have to go insane making my costumes next week though. And I also have filming this friday eeeee. I'm so excited for my birthday.

People have been asking me what I want. I can only really think of a few things. Money/giftcards, Tangled on DVD, getting my teeth whitened, or a long board.  I really want to learn how to long board. I think it'd be fun! I won't be wearing heels as much though. Okay, I should clean my room now.


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