Friday, June 10, 2011

Pink Friday

First makeup post eee.
So I based this off of Keiko Lynns portrayal of a makeup look Adele featured in a magazine. But I wanted to go a bit more feminine and use the pink colors from my new Coastal Scents palette.

Products used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette (Think of it like battleship, horizontal as letters A-K, and vertical numbers 1-8)
- A1(white), A4(soft beige), G2(princess pink), G7(fuschia), H6(rusty brown), K5(bronze)
Hot Topic Eyeliner in White
Maybelline Colossal Volum Express in Classic Black
Sally Girl Lipstick, 388363

So I patted on the primer first, then dusted the A4 color all over my lid and brow bone. I took G2 and formed the trapezoid shape from about the middle of my eye to a little over the outer edge of my eye. I blended on a tiny bit of G7 from my lashes to about where my crease is to intensify the pink, since the color was too soft on its own.
I further added depth to the color by patting on the H6 in the very outer corner of my eye. Then a little A1 in the inner corners of my eyes and on my brow bones. I lined my waterline with the white liner and then put on the mascara to see if I needed liner or not. I decided to just warm up the pink by adding K5 to the inner side of my lids.
Then I curled my lashes and put on the lipstick. I didn't want a nude color, but just something to enhance my own lip color. I love the Sally's lipsticks. They are really cheap but they feel so nice on your lips.

Sorry for the shitty quality pictures, my camera was just not picking up any color or the pics were blurry. :I
I'll try and fix it later.
I hope you like the look!


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  1. your hair looks cute! :3