Monday, September 5, 2011

Fall Spirit

Woooo hope you are enjoying your Labor day today. I filled out some paperwork for a job at an amusement park I live near. I'm (if I get the job; fingers crossed) gonna be working for their October season as a performer for this event called 'Fright Fest' where they turn the park all spooky and Halloween-vibed. I'd be a zombie character roaming around and scaring people. :P

I'm so excited! If you remember, I was in a student film called Human Root and most of the people in that film were from Fright Fest so I would get to see them all again! I really hope I get the joooob. Plus, extra money wouldn't hurt right now haha.

Today I am wearing my mustard H&M sweater tucked into some dark blue skinny jeans and my favorite black booties. No good full body pictures today because my parents are home but here are some shitty webcam pictures!

Enjoy the rest of your holiday! <3


1 comment:

  1. lolz I avoid outfit posts when my parents are home too. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING THAT FOR? DO YOU WANT TO BE A MODEL?!" etc etc. Silly parents, they just don't get me! *cries*

    Also working at an amusement park would be badass!