Thursday, September 29, 2011

I am a free woman

I finally just paid off my traffic ticket. I got it for speeding a few months back, and looking back at my actions back then, I was so dumb. Honestly, sometimes I feel like I should get my license taken from me because I am not a good enough driver yet. I don't even know how I passed my driving test the first time with like, 2 hours of driving practice? It was so stupid. I hated driving with my parents though. When I get older and have kids I'm going to propose that I teach my friends kid to drive and they take mine. I realize how awful it is learning with a parent, they are way too overbearing. My dad was overprotective and made me drive about 20 under the speed limit every day. My mom took me out one day and made me pull over in the middle of the road and was screaming at me because I was too close to the outside white line.  When I grow up, I'm never going to yell at me children. I have never been conditioned to be more terrified of anything more than yelling because of my family. I've told them how much it affects me too, but they continue to do it. I guess I deserve it though.

But so about a month ago I was going to see a guy I was dating. I was picking up my friend in a town a bit farther north because her boyfriend lived in the same town. I missed the exit to get to her, and I was already late. So I was speeding around trying to get to the exits and like, 100 feet from the exit, I got pulled over by a cop for speeding. I was actually very lucky, I was going around 82 and since I was honest and polite with him he dropped the charge to 75 in a 65 zone.

Speeding is so dumb honestly. I hardly go over 65 anymore (I got to 70 the other day passing some big rigs). Not only has my gas mileage increased about 4 gallons since staying under the speed limit, but I'm just not afraid of cops anymore because I'm not doing anything wrong. B) Fun fact: If you're bitching about cops giving you tickets to fill their 'quota', it's not true. Cops can give tickets or arrest as many or as little people as they want.

So yeah, 358 dollars later I am a free woman. I'm going to have to take driving school too. It's just not worth it, especially since I get to where I'm going at around the same time as I would going 75 or 80.  All right, gonna get ready for class now. have a good day everyone!


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