Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm feeling it, I'm feeling a change

wooo pictures finally.
I've always loved the bralettes and corsets as shirts styles, so here is my try at it! I don't think I should ever do this again though.
Today I had my acting class, and my teacher had us do YOGA poses. This shirt saved me much grief/embarrassment. Also yes this is the same shirt as my last set of pictures. It is sheer, but not too revealing, and airy but not too delicate. Perfection~

Also i cut my hair the day before yesterday in my bathroom. God was that a mistake on so many different levels. Apparently there's a tiny bald patch near my hairline, whoopsss. Oh well lesson learned!



  1. You hot bitch! Your hair looks cool, I wish I was clever enough to cut my own.

  2. HELLO AGAIN. You are right about England having better clothes. I live in Australia and the majority of clothes are either a) really silly or b) really expensive. So I turned to my trusty friend The Internet.


  3. Thank you pretty lady! Yes, creepily enough I found your link off google searching the lyrics that are your headline and i found this lovely song with your lovely pictures. a song i've been trying to identify for months now. you just made my day.