Tuesday, January 25, 2011

(2 years.)

Today marks two years ago when I accidentally forced my (now) boyfriend to ask me out. It was actually the first day I met him as well! So much has happened since then, we even both look completely different (him cutting his hair, me with my style). Unfortunately he is in Oregon taking his midterm right now and he can't get Dead Space 2. Haha. I will be going up to see him for Valentines weekend though. Very very excited for that( AND DOUGHNUTS).

I invented my own signature smoothie today at work too! Oh damn this is so good. It's peach juice, low calorie dairy base, strawberries and peaches. I call it Peachy Keen! It tastes like peach yogurt, the low cal base makes it nice and creamy. I'm so happy I finally have my own concoction. :3

I have creative writing class tonight. Debating on whether or not I should go visit my old creative writing teacher/mentor at my high school today. We'll see. Well I'm gonna go chill.


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