Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why won't you just

say it?:

So a very good friend of mine wrote/stole from Reddit this and it is not only hilarious (and really crude!) but ridiculously true
Context: Someone was talking about a girl who said that he'd be her friend no matter what, and they took it as being friendzoned.

Oh how adorable. It's a confused little boy in its natural habitat.


You are the product of generation upon generation of men who built empires with their bare hands and killed shit like sabertoothed tigers and wooly mammoths with rocks tied to sticks. Don't be afraid to tell a girl that you want more from her.

Boo fucking hoo. She might not want that. If you don't change this fucking shit, you'll be back here in 10 years complaining about how the girl at the office might or might not like you and help what do you do if you ask her out what will happen when she comes back and see your huge collection of power ranger toys.

Now, I'm not a doctor but I'm prescribing you 500mgs of be a fucking man. Tell the bitch you want to go on a date. If you're rejected, look that bird dead in the eye and say to her, "My ancestors ate moose with their fists," then turn your ass around and walk away. Don't sulk, you're going to walk about like this happy son of a bitch. You better fucking ooze testosterone on the ground and declare yourself a catch, because if you don't I'll follow you around from comment to comment posting crudely drawn pictures of you in a tutu having your sissy baby legs broken by a monster made of the dicks that are gonna fuck the girl your too chicken shit to ask out."
-My Hero 
I hate when people just give up, or whine and pine over their romantic interest without doing anything about it. How do you expect anything to happen if you don't try and let them know you like them! Way to fail peers.

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  1. Just to be fair and so no one thinks I'm passing off anything as my own that I didn't write, I did totally get a lot of that wording from a comment on Reddit that I read a few months back that really stuck with me.

    That comment was to a 23 year old virgin who was afraid of women, this was to a guy who was afraid to ask someone he likes out.

    It's right, our ancestors were fucking badass. We need to continue that and not be pussies too afraid to ask a girl out because they might say no.

  2. It's not like anyone reads this. :'(

  3. Well, I would honestly like to say thank you. I hope you can find my blog enjoyable while you read.